Bryan Markovitz

Bryan MarkovitzBryan Markovitz

Bryan is a third-year PhD student at Brown University, where he is affiliated with the Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, the Department of Anthropology, and Brown's Program in Science and Technology Studies.

Bryan's research focuses on the history and practice of experimental systems in performance, art, and science. He is an avid fan of replicas, reenactments, and phenomenal theatres that cross disciplinary divides.

Recent papers and presentations include "Reanimating Phenomenal Others" for Brown's Lost Museums Symposium in May 2015, and "The Fugitive and its Double" for ATHE Montreal in July 2015.

Bryan is trained in theatre and the fine arts, with a background in directing, performance, and experience design for museums. He holds an AM in Performance Studies from Brown University, an MFA in Studio Art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a BA in Theatre from Trinity University.