Ioana Jucan

Ioana JucanIoana Jucan

Ioana Jucan is a PhD candidate in the Theatre and Performance Studies program at Brown. Her research lies at the intersection of theatre and performance studies, media studies, and philosophy. Her research interests include: intersections between theatre, performance, and philosophy; new media and the philosophy of technology; practices of world-making, globalization, and world-destruction; directing; ecology and/as performance; theories of representation and communication; architecture, media structures and infrastructures.

Her dissertation, “Out of Concern: Performance Modes of Engaging with the World,” intervenes in recent scholarship in performance & ecology and performance & digital media, investigating what theatre and performance might offer to the urgent task of finding modes of engaging with the world that ensure its endurance, modes of engaging in world-making as sense-making, that oppose and resist the modern, capitalist world(-destructive) system. Drawing on the rich interconnections between theatre/performance and philosophy (especially metaphysics and natural philosophy from the seventeenth century and after), the dissertation takes seriously an idea that had wide currency in early modernity: that of the world as theatre. It explores its implications and possibilities in a contemporary age when algorithms/software are said to rule the world; “hyperobjects” (Timothy Morton’s term for objects widely extended in space and time such as plastics) arguably render the concept of the world inoperational (according to ecological thinker, Timothy Morton); and “network” is perhaps replacing “world” as concept and structure of experience and being together.

At Brown, Ioana runs the Performance (and) Philosophy working group affiliated with the Performance Philosophy research network. She is currently (fall 2015) the Brown/Wheaton Faculty Fellow in Theatre and Dance at Wheaton College, Norton, Mass.

Ioana interweaves her theoretical investigations with interdisciplinary performance-making activities. In recent years, these activities have focused on the specificity of the medium of theatre and experiments in expanding its possibilities – on both the stage and the page – through installation work. Ioana is an alumna of the Watermill Summer Program under the artistic direction of Robert Wilson and worked with Richard Maxwell and the New York City Players as dramaturg for Vision Disturbance (Abrons Arts Center, NYC). She is also the co-founder and artistic director of the Listening LabOratory performance group associated with Brown University.  

Ioana holds an M.A. in Philosophy (thesis title: “Finding Meaning in the Modern World: An Approach Through Max Weber and Martin Heidegger”) and dual B.A.s in Theatre Arts & Performance Studies and Modern Culture & Media (with double honors, magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa) from Brown University. 

For publications, documentation of recent performance projects, and a CV, check out Ioana’s webpage at: