The Graduate Colloquium Series

2015-2016 Graduate Colloquium Schedule

N.B. All sessions will be held in Lyman, room 211. Also note that there may be additions and likely be other changes to this schedule as the academic year proceeds.

Fri, September 4 at 6pm
Graduate Student Salon and dinner at 50 John Street Studio
Fri, September 18 at noon
Professional Seminar in Becker Library. Please bring your lunch.
Fri, October 2 at 5:30pm Michael Kobialka talk entitled Performance Studies: Materialism of  the  Encounter
Fri, October 30 at 4pm in Lyman Hall, 211
Nick Salvato, Cornell University will discuss his new book project "Obstruction."
Fri, November 13 at noon in Becker Library
Patricia Ybarra - Key Text. Please bring your  lunch.
Feb. 22 (Date TBA)
Jasmine Johnson, Brandeis University
March 9 or 10 Amelia Jones, ROSKI School of Art and Design
April 13 at 4pm in Granoff Center Studio 1 (tent)
Rey Chow, Duke University
May 6 at noon, Lyman Hall room 2 MA Presentations. Please bring your lunch.