March 15, 2013 COMPARING CITIES -- An International Conference on Comparative Urban Studies

Comparing Cities ConferenceComparing Cities ConferenceCOMPARING CITIES -An International Conference on Comparative Urban Studies

Friday, March 15
9:30 am-6:30 pm
Joukowsky Forum
Watson Institute
111 Thayer Street

Keynote Speaker: Jennifer Robinson (University College London)





This conference convenes an international, interdisciplinary group of 
scholars to discuss what can be learned about urban life from 
comparing cities. A truly comparative urban studies should provide 
insights into the differential local impacts of common globalization 
processes, the devolution of national responsibilities to lower levels 
of government, new international rights regimes, migration and 
cultural encounters, as well as environmental and security threats. 

The conference considers: 
How do local governments and ordinary citizens respond to these 
pressures which may threaten their homes and ways of life?

How do cities in a world growing flat preserve or renew 
their identities as unique places? 

What can cities from the Global North and Global South learn from each other?

Co-sponsored by the Urban Studies Program and The Watson Institute for International Studies

Free and open to the public. Registration is required.  Please register by email ( or phone (401-863-7425)

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