Seniors in Urban Studies who do not write a thesis have a range of other capstone options. For example, in fall '09-spring '10 two seniors made a video on the homeless tent cities in Providence.  Theresa O'Neill '10 and Corliss Gross '10 built on their summer UTRA experience to make a film together during their senior year.  Their capstone project is called "Displaced" (password: displaced2).  It tells the poignant story of homeless Rhode Islanders relocated after the demolition of the Welcome Arnold shelter in 2007 and again after the dismantling of two tent cities in 2009.

Theresa now works for a prefab green homebuilder called Blu Homes in
Waltham, MA (see She considers it the future of the
housing industry, striving for better design, faster construction, and
higher quality homes.

Designing a community program or producing a work of art under academic supervision might also serve as capstone projects. Most frequently concentrators write a seminar paper for their capstone project. Seniors should declare what their capstone will be by the beginning of their last semester.

2014 Senior Capstones

Grace Dunham:  "Gendered Citizenship in the Amalgamated Housing Cooperative"

Savannah Holte: "Beyond the Planned City: How a
New Understanding of Mental Mapping can Enhance
the Individual Urban Experience"

Gregory Jordan-Detamore: "Times Square:
From Crossroads to Crosswalk"

Daniel Moraff: "Users and Pushers: Buses, Los Angeles,
and The Struggle for the Soul of Mass Transit"

Dan Chinh Nguyen: "State-Governed Planning Offices:
Limitations and Effectiveness"

Quinten Richardson: "How Public Space Shapes the
Urban Community: Envisioning the Future of the
Jewelry District"

Sophie Soloway: "Handheld Electronics and the
Dynamics of Urban Social Space"

Hadley Unger: "How Can Housing Affect Homeless
Individuals or Families?"

Samuels Zeif:  "Solar Decathlon Europe, 2014"