Honors Application

Urban Studies Program
Honors Thesis Application 2014-2015

Please submit this application to: 
Director of Urban Studies, Box 1833

April 25, 2014 (Spring 2015 completion)

Student Name: _______________________________________

Email Address: _______________________________________

  1. Proposed Honors Topic
    Please attach a 1-2 page description of your proposed honors thesis project and include a robust list of references.  Be sure to discuss your research question, why it is an important topic, and what relationship does the project have to your course background in Urban Studies.

  2. Faculty Advisors
    You will need a thesis advisor and a second reader. Contact the professors you would like to work with and seek their approval of your project. Your thesis advisor should be an Urban Studies professor.

    Thesis Advisor Name    _________________________________


       Thesis Advisor Signature   _______________________________


       Second Reader Name  __________________________________


       Second Reader Signature  _______________________________


3.      Coursework in Urban Studies

List the courses you have taken and those you intend to take to complete the concentration. Include also courses taken outside the concentration that are related to your honors project. 

Course #
Title Semester Professor Grade

Candidates for Honors must have above average grades and shall apply for this distinction in writing to the Director of the Program by the middle of the second semester of their junior year.  They shall include a cover letter with a brief statement of the intended research proposal as well as the name of the member of the Urban Studies faculty who would serve as their advisor and with whom they must work closely.  Twelve courses are required for Honors concentrator, two in addition to the ten courses required for a standard program.  In fall semester, honors thesis students shall enroll in an independent reading and research course with their adviser (URBN 1970 in their advisor’s section) or take an additional research course, and in the spring, they shall take the Honors Thesis Workshop (URBN 1981).  The candidate’s final thesis must be of outstanding quality, in order to qualify for honors.