Honors Thesis Calendar

2013-14 Urban Studies Honors Thesis Calendar

This calendar with Friday dates is intended to help students pace themselves over the senior year.  Students and advisors should meet regularly, at least monthly, and may work out a timetable that best suits them.  In general, students conduct research during the first semester and write during the second semester, although writing should begin in the first semester rather than leaving it all until late in the second semester.  The university’s Office of the Registrar dictates certain deadlines toward the end of the second semester which are inflexible and mandatory. 

Meet with advisor and reader.  Advisor shall suggest additional primary sources and secondary works, beyond those identified in the proposal.  Review methods to be used to answer the research question.  Conduct research.

October 18
Submit a tentative outline of each chapter. Identify issues to be examined and sources to be consulted.  Submit detailed outline of a chapter.  Conduct research.

November 15
Submit final outline of thesis and a bibliography.  Clarify the argument you will make.

December 13
Submit first chapter draft.  Finish research.

January 31
Submit second chapter draft to advisor.  Enroll for Thesis/Capstone Workshop URBN1981.

February 28
Submit third chapter draft.

March 21 [before Spring Break]
Submit remaining chapters (if any).  Draft conclusion and introduction.

April 4
Submit complete first draft of thesis to advisor and reader.  Seminar presentations begin.

April 11
Receive comments on thesis and begin revisions.

April 18
Submit final, polished version for signature of advisor and reader. Collect signatures for Thesis Submittal sheet; this should be included w/ bound copy for department.

April 25
Submit bound and signed thesis to Urban Studies department.

May 2
Thesis advisor submits a written evaluation of thesis to Urban Studies department and the Registrar.

May 8
Thesis presentations to the Urban Studies Program.