Undergraduate Program

Students in the Visual Art Department at Brown enjoy well-equipped facilities and a knowledgeable faculty.

When asked what they like the best about the Visual Art Department, Concentrators mention professors, facilities, and equipment, but at the top of their list is what they express as "freedom." By this, they mean not only 24-hour building access, but opportunities to do interdisciplinary projects and the openness of assignments. "It is what you make of it. You can go as far as you want," says a student in Painting II. Brown does not promote a particular "style." Instead, we encourage and aid students in learning whatever makes effective and challenging work. Assignments are often accompanied by readings selected to generate thought and discussion. Class critique is not done in the classic master/pupil style; instead, students are encouraged to critique themselves and each other.

Department Undergraduate Group (DUG) Leaders

The DUG program is sponsored by the Dean of the College.  Department Undergraduate Students or DUGs are chosen by Visual Art Concenrators and faculty. 

Two VA DUGs are chosen each year to help students connect with one another, with faculty, and with alumni. VA DUGs participate in concentration fairs, give guided tours of our facilities to prospective students, organize two annual open studio events and assist with an annual juried University-wide student show.

New VA DUGs will be announced in the Fall of 2015.