Admission Staff

Admission Officers, 2013-2014

While individual admission officers have responsibility for traveling to specific geographic regions, each application is reviewed by a team of admission officers. In this way a variety of perspectives are brought to bear during the selection process. We encourage you to visit campus, attend admission events in your areas, search our website for your interests, and contact us with your questions.   While we welcome you to contact any member of our staff, because admission officers travel extensively in the fall, individual officers may be delayed in replying to your inquiries.

Alabama Elisha Anderson
Alaska Momoho Takao
Arizona Leora Johnson
Arkansas Elisha Anderson

Palo Alto, Santa Rosa, Marin County, Eureka/Redding, Los Altos, and Mountain View: Dayna Krakower                                                                                                                                                                                                         
San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, and the East Bay:  Momoho Takao
Los Angeles: Mercedes Domenech
San Bernardino, Riverside, and Orange County: Tiffiney George
Santa Monica, Pasadena, San Fernando Valley, Pomona, and Long Beach: Natasha Go
Monterey, Carmel, San Jose, and San Mateo County: Peter Newcomb
Santa Barbara and San Joaquin:  Eleanor Brennan Hall
Sacramento, San Diego, and Imperial County: Louis Trujillo
Harvard Westlake School: Panetha Ott

Colorado Louis Trujillo
Connecticut Hartford, New Haven, New London, and Windham County: Eric Hunter
Fairfield County and Litchfield County: Dayna Krakower
Choate Rosemary Hall: Elisha Anderson
Delaware Rebecca Starr
Florida Miami: Mercedes Domenech
Broward County, Daytona, and Jacksonville: Tiffiney George
Orlando, Palm Beach, Pensacola, Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Tallahassee: Elizabeth Hart
Georgia Matthew Price
Hawaii Christopher Belcher
Idaho Peter Newcomb
Illinois Chicago, Champaign, Decatur, Peona, Springfield, and Northwest Suburbs: Eleanor Brennan Hall
Southern Illinois: Christopher Belcher
Indiana Christopher Belcher
Iowa Erik DeAngelis
Southwest: Christopher Belcher
Kansas Christopher Belcher
Kentucky James Kytta
Louisiana Elisha Anderson
Maine Erik DeAngelis
Maryland Suburbs of Washington, D.C. (Montgomery, Prince George's, Calvert, and Charles Counties): Dayna Krakower
Remaining areas of Maryland: Christopher Belcher

Andover, Framingham, North Shore, Western MA, Worcester County, and Pittsfield: Christopher Belcher
Boston Central, Boston South, Boston North, and Brockton: Matthew Price
Cape Cod and Fall River: Ana Saul-Sykes
Walpole: Louis Trujillo                                                                                                                        
Springfield: Dayna Krakower
Concord Academy: Momoho Takao
Deerfield Academy: Louis Trujillo 
Groton School: Dayna Krakower 
Middlesex Academy: Ana Saul-Sykes
Milton Academy: Annie Cappuccino
Noble and Greenough: Ana Saul-Sykes
Northfield Mount Hermon: Louis Trujillo 
Phillips Academy: Panetha Ott

Michigan Matthew Price
Minnesota Erik DeAngelis
Mississippi Elisha Anderson
Missouri Christopher Belcher
Montana Tiffiney George
Nebraska Christopher Belcher
Nevada Tiffiney George
New Hampshire

New Hampshire: Erik DeAngelis 
Phillips Exeter Academy: Momoho Takao
St. Paul's School: Eleanor Brennan Hall

New Jersey

Camden: Christopher Belcher
Bergen County and Monmouth County: Eric Hunter
Morris, Union, Middlesex, Somerset, Hunterdon, Warren, and Sussex Counties, Atlantic City: Erik DeAngelis
Essex, and Hudson Counties: Tiffiney George
Lawrenceville Academy: Eleanor Brennan Hall                                                                                                                       
Mercer County: James Miller

New Mexico Annie Cappuccino
New York

Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island: Louis Trujillo
Rockland and Westchester: Tiffiney George 
Long Island: Nassau County North: Dayna Krakower
Long Island-Nassau South and Suffolk County: Natasha Go                          
Poughkeepsie: James Miller  
Rochester and Syracuse: Erik DeAngelis                   
Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo, and Ithaca: Ana Saul-Sykes
Bronx: Rebecca Starr
Manhattan-Stuyvesant High School: Annie Cappuccino                                                                                                    
Manhattan-excluding Stuyvesant High School: Rebecca Starr

North Carolina Elisha Anderson
North Dakota Tiffiney George
Ohio James Kytta
Oklahoma Louis Trujillo
Oregon Peter Newcomb
Pennsylvania Phildalephia North: Rebecca Starr
Philadelphia West:Rebecca Starr
Philadelphia Central: Rebecca Starr                                                                                   
Pittsburgh, Lancaster, and Western Pennsylvania: Julia Bengochea
Rhode Island Ana Saul-Sykes
South Carolina Elisha Anderson
South Dakota Tiffiney George
Tennessee James Kytta
Texas Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston: Elizabeth Hart
Amarillo, Midland, El Paso, San Antonio, and Austin: Mercedes Domenech
Utah Tiffiney George
Vermont Erik DeAngelis
Virginia Elisha Anderson
Washington Peter Newcomb
Washington, D.C. Elisha Anderson
West Virginia Elisha Anderson
Wisconsin Peter Newcomb
Wyoming Louis Trujillo


International Country Admission Officer
Africa   Panetha Ott
Asia Afghanistan Panetha Ott
  Bangladesh James Kytta
  Bhutan Panetha Ott
  Cambodia Eric Hunter
  Hong Kong Panetha Ott
  India Panetha Ott
  Indonesia Eric Hunter
  Japan Momoho Takao
  Korea Eric Hunter
  Laos Eric Hunter
  Macao Panetha Ott
  Malaysia Eric Hunter
  Myanmar Eric Hunter
  Nepal Panetha Ott
  Pakistan James Kytta
  People's Republic of China Panetha Ott
James Kytta
  Singapore James Miller
  Sri Lanka Panetha Ott
  Taiwan Momoho Takao
  Thailand Eric Hunter
  VIetnam Eric Hunter
Australasia and the Pacific   Eric Hunter
Canada   Annie Cappuccino
Caribbean   Ana Saul-Sykes
Central America   Ana Saul-Sykes
Central Asia James Kytta 
Europe Austria James Kytta
  Belgium James Kytta
  Cyprus Panetha Ott
  Eastern Europe James Kytta
  France Momoho Takao
  Germany James Kytta
  Greece Panetha Ott
  Ireland Panetha Ott
  Italy Ana Saul-Sykes
  Liechtenstein James Kytta
  Luxembourg James Kytta
  Monaco Momoho Takao
  Netherlands James Kytta
Northern Europe James Kytta
  Poland James Kytta
  Portugal Ana Saul-Sykes
  Scotland Panetha Ott
  Spain Ana Saul-Sykes
  Switzerland James Kytta
  Turkey Panetha Ott
  United Kingdom Momoho Takao
  Wales Panetha Ott
  Western Balkans Panetha Ott
Middle East   Rebecca Starr
South America   Ana Saul-Sykes