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Resumed Undergraduate Education Applicants

The Resumed Undergraduate Education Program allows those who have been out of high school for six years or more to enroll at Brown as undergraduate students. The program is ideal for students who interrupted or delayed their formal education due to family commitments, financial concerns, health issues, military service, employment opportunities, or simply a compelling need to explore other paths.

RUE students enjoy the companionship of interesting and highly-motivated peers, instruction from stimulating professors, and access to the wide range of facilities and opportunities available at Brown. Our open curriculum and flexibility means that RUE students, like all Brown undergraduates, must be especially self-motivated and intellectually curious.

RUE applicants may apply as a RUE first-year applicant (if you have little or no college experience), or as a RUE transfer applicant (if you have 1-2 years of college experience). RUE transfer applicants are usually also eligible to apply as regular transfer students.  However, you must choose the application pool you think is most appropriate for your experience and circumstances. You may only apply in one application category in any given application cycle.

Curriculum & Course Load
Increased life experience means RUE students often have well-developed goals. The flexibility of the Brown curriculum allows RUE students to shape their academic programs to fit their individual academic interests. Each RUE student is expected to be a full-time (usually 4 courses each semester) member of the Brown community. If your circumstances call for a reduced course load, you may make your request at the Office of the Dean of the College.

RUE students are advised through the Office of the Dean of the College. Upon declaring a concentration, each student is assigned a concentration advisor from that department. In addition, RUE students have created a support group called RUSA, the Resumed Undergraduate Students Association.

The Application Process
Admission to the RUE program is highly competitive.
All complete applications are read in full and the selection process is based on many factors, both objective and subjective. We require the following information in order to process your application:

  • RUE Application (please check back November 1 for 2016-2017 application)
  • Two recommendations, preferably from teachers or academic counselors, but employers, military commanding officers, project managers, and religious leaders can be substituted if necessary. 
  • RUE Financial Aid Application (if you are applying for aid to Brown).
  • Official academic transcripts must be sent to us directly from your secondary school(s) and college(s), as applicable. 

RUE applicants do not complete the regular Common Application (including the Brown Writing Supplement and the regular financial aid forms).   

All RUE applications are due March 15 for enrollment the following academic year. We strongly prefer that RUE students enroll in the fall so that they can take advantage of important orientation events, but occasionally a spring enrollment is granted for that same academic year.

Tuition and Financial Aid
RUE students are charged the same tuition and fees as other undergraduates, with a per-course rate for those taking less than a full-time course load. As with all undergraduates, Brown is need-blind in reviewing applications from freshmen RUE applicants (those who will have had no previous college or less than one semester’s worth of previous college courses at the time of their proposed RUE matriculation), and need-aware for transfer RUE applicants (those who will have had at least one year of college previously, but not more than two at the time of their proposed Brown matriculation). An applicant's financial award letter will be provided at the time of admission.  

The Osher Reentry Scholarships were made possible by a grant from the Bernard Osher Foundation.  The grant is designed to provide scholarship support towards tuition and fees for students (a minimum 5 year cumulative gap) and who anticipate participation in the workforce for a significant period of time subsequent to graduation.  Students in the University's Resumed Undergraduate Education (RUE) program, who have demonstrated financial need and receive University Scholarship and meet Osher Reentry Scholarship Program Guidelines will be considered to receive up to $5,000 for the academic year in the Osher Reentry Scholarship. Beyond the application for Financial Aid, no separate application is required for consideration.  Per Osher Reentry Scholarship Program guidelines, this scholarship is not intended for international students who are visiting the United States with the intention of returning to their countries of origin after graduation.  For more information about the Osher Reentry Scholarship program click here.

Please refer to the Office of Financial Aid for answers to RUE- specific financial aid questions.

Housing & Meals
RUE students are not required to live on campus, but they may apply to the Office of Residential Life if they would like on-campus housing (in graduate student dormitories).  No couples or children can be accommodated.  The Auxiliary Housing Office maintains off-campus listings for students seeking convenient off-campus housing. Various meal plans are available to students living on campus, and all students may purchase meals on a cash basis.

Day Care
The Brown/Foxpoint Early Childhood Education Center is located at the southern edge of campus and accommodates children from age 3 through pre-K. Tuition is on a sliding scale according to income.