About the 2015 Festival

Presented by Brown University

at the Cable Car Cinema

February 25 through March 3, 2015

Sponsored by Brown University’s Department of French Studies • Department of Modern Culture and Media • Malcolm S. Forbes Center for Culture and Media Studies • Sevaux Family Film and Lecture Endowment

Supported and organized by Elsa Amanatidou Wendy Hui Kyong ChunJoan Copjec • Melissa Deaugustinis • Giovanna Roz Gastaldi • Liza Hebert • Daniel Kamil • Youenn Kervennic • Richard Manning • Susan McNeil • Mary Oliver • Stéphanie Ravillon • Ellen Rooney • Gretchen Schultz • Lewis Seifert • David Udris • Kathleen Wiggins • David Wills

Contributors include  Cultural Services, Consulate General of France in Boston • Pembroke Center • Quebec Government Office in Boston • Rhode Island School of Design, Liberal Arts • Sarah Doyle Women’s Center

Special thanks to the staff of the Cable Car Cinema • our student volunteers

Animation credits design and animation by Tim Probert  • music by Francis Lemarque • "Manèges" is played by Fanfare Pistion Circus


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