Travel Arrangements

Travel Arrangements

Generally, travel arrangements are similar to "Buying Something," either through a reimbursement or use of the SAO credit card through booking travel on-line in the SAO.

When travel is being arranged for a speaker or performer, the details and/or limits should be agreed to in the contract/agreement (see section on "Paying Someone"). If there is a per diem or receipts available at time of processing, reimbursement to the contractor can be made with the contract. Otherwise, a Request for Reimbursement Form may be completed when receipts become available.

Brown does have a preferred travel service (Garber Travel) that can assist you in making complicated arrangements. Please see the SAO for details.

Car Rental/Mileage

Brown only allows the use of Enterprise for car rentals. Please come by the SAO to speak with someone BEFORE you try to rent a car. You must be 21 years in age. If you are under 25, Brown requires that you purchase the supplemental insurance offered by Enterprise . As long as adequate funding exists in your account, you can request reimbursement for the rental fee, tolls, and gasoline.

While there is no reimbursement available for a Zipcar membership, Zipcar usage for student organization business may be reimbursed. You may also use the SAO's business account to bill your organization account directly. Stop by the SAO for details.

If you will be driving a personal car, please note that reimbursement is based on a strict mileage reimbursement. No individual receipts (gas, tolls, etc.) will be reimbursed. You need to come in to the SAO BEFORE your trip to fill out a Request for Mileage Reimbursement Form. You must bring your valid driver's license with you. After the trip, the number of miles is recorded and you will be reimbursed $.56/mile (as of January 1, 2014). WE DO NOT REIMBURSE FOR GAS OR TOLLS, ONLY MILEAGE! Please, one reimbursement per vehicle per trip. If you feel that individual people need to be reimbursed, please work that out amongst yourselves.

The Office of Insurance and Risk has put together pamphlet that may be helpful prior to renting a car and for keeping handy during the rental period.

Bus Rentals

Generally, bus rentals involve a contract; however, as long as you are working with one of the commonly used bus companies below, the standard contract review process will be expedited. Also, proof of liability insurance must also be on file, which is the case for most of the commonly used bus companies. If you plan to use a company not on the list below, plan IN ADVANCE!

If you are planning a trip, the SAO provides a bus trip planning checklist.

If you have a negative experience with any of these companies, please let us know so that we can evaluate whether to maintain them on this list.

offers both school buses and deluxe motor coaches

Grey Goose Line, Providence, RI. 401-944-2158

School buses ONLY

First Student, Providence, RI. 401-464-4350 ** accepts SAO Purchase Orders

Laidlaw Education Services, East Providence, RI. 401-431-5113

H & L Bloom, Taunton, MA. 508-822-7377 or 508-822-1442 ** accepts SAO Purchase Orders

Deluxe motor coaches ONLY

Archway Bus Transportation, Inc., West Warwick, RI. 401-828-4100

Bloom's Bus Lines, Inc., Taunton, MA. 800-323-3009 or 508-822-1991

Vermont Transit Co., Burlington, VT. 800-552-8737

A Yankee Line, Inc., South Boston, MA. 800-942-8890

Tremblay's Motor Coach, New Bedford, MA. 508-984-1209

Conway's Bus Service, Cumberland, RI. 401-658-3400