Reading & Finals Period Policy

Reading & Finals Period Event Approval Policy

In support of Brown University’s primary academic mission, events occurring during Reading Period and Final Examination Period are restricted, as students prepare for and complete exams. Events which have the potential to be disruptive to students studying, final review sessions, or exams themselves are not permitted. Please keep in mind that faculty may choose to hold classes and exams during Reading Period. In support of this, the following policies and procedures will be in place.

For Reading Period:

1)            Regular student group meetings, practices and rehearsals which do not have the potential to be disruptive to others will be scheduled as normal, at the discretion of the Scheduling Office.

2)            Student groups are encouraged to plan performances, cultural events, lectures, and similar events during the regular academic calendar, rather than during Reading or Finals Period. However, if a compelling reason exists to hold such an event during the Reading Period, approval may be given by the Director of the Student Activities Office. A compelling might be a celebration of a holiday that occurs during the Reading Period. Lack of planning resulting in earlier time spots being unavailable is not a compelling reason.

3)            Large scale concerts, parties and events with alcohol are not permitted during Reading Period.

For Finals Period: 

4)            All events beyond small group meetings and study sessions, regardless of type or scale, occurring during Final Examination Period are not permitted. Requests for exceptions to this policy should be directed to the Director of the Student Activities Office.


Questions regarding this policy should be referred to the Director of the Student Activities Office, Stephen Robert ’62 Campus Center, Room 230, 401.863.2341.