President's Message

September 2015

Greetings and felicitations… and welcome back for another academic year.  I hope you were able to enjoy some of the Club’s activities over the summer.

So, let’s start with some updates. 

The Club’s Board of Managers has four new members: Mr. Joseph DiMartino, Colonel Mark Porter, Dr. Rochelle Rosen, and Mr. Christopher Tow.  A hearty Faculty Club welcome!!!!  And, an equally hearty Club thank-you to three Board members who have transitioned off:  Dr. Joseph Diaz, Ms. Julie Haworth, and Dr. Dennis Hogan.  Another expression of gratitude is in order, this one for Ms. Shelly Estep, who served as the Club’s Office Administrator for the past 8 years.  Shelly will be missed by the staff and our members, and we wish her well in her future endeavors.  Last, and certainly least, yours truly did transition to Emeritus faculty status effective July 1st.  Yup, no more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks.  Hey….Wait!  I was the teacher!!! 

At the annual membership meeting last May, the Club’s Zachariah Allen Award was presented to past-president Terry Tullis, and posthumously to former Board of Managers member and Club uber-supporter, Sophie Blistein.  Sophie’s granddaughter, Sophia Blistein, a Brown undergraduate, accepted the award on behalf of Sophie and her family.  Longstanding ties between the awardees’ families made the presentations especially appropriate and emotionally touching.

What does the coming year hold in store?  Gosh and golly… hmmm… lem’me think.  I guess its gonna be another ho-hum, hum-drum year – same-old, same old -- great food, great service, smiles and good cheer, Breakfast with Santa, the Easter Bunny, Mother’s Day, monthly recipes on the Club’s website, take-away platters and bakery, President’s columns with “groaners,” special events and Chef Dave’s emonstrations, General Manager Mary brightening the room whenever she walks in, greetings from Carol and Alex, event planning with Cheryl. 

And, I’m going to put in a special plug, starting with a “groaner.”  That is, when you renew your membership, do you re-member?  << time for groaning >>  Now the plug… remember (!!) that members can sponsor events held by non-members.  You don’t even have to be at the event.  Call the Club for details.

Once again, Happy September!  “Welcome” to new members, and “Glad you’re back” to re-members.

-- Bill Rakowski, President of the Brown Faculty Club