President's Message

May & June 2014 


As you may recall, I have to submit these Prez Columns at least a month in advance.  So… where am I while writing this?

Well, it’s “Spring Semester Break” at the end of March, and I’m in Lake Placid NY.  “Mr. President, you ask..  Lake Placid?  All we can think of is COLD!  Please explain!  Have you lost whatever marbles you had left?”

Well… to answer your question…..  OMG!  Its sooooo wonderful here!  The Adirondack Park is totally superb!  If you’ve never been here, please put it on your “bucket list” of places to visit!  And, Fates willing and if the creek don’t rise, Mrs. Prez.and I will be calling it home someday in the forseeable future.  So, FC can stand for Faculty Club, and also Fingers Crossed!  LOL!

But, how about the FC that stands for our Faculty Club?  Well, as one of the highlight songs in the production Rock of Ages says, “Don’t Stop Believing.”  And in that regard, by the time this newsletter goes to press and gets circulated, the annual membership meeting on May 5th could have taken place, and the Zachariah Allen Award will have been given to Mr. Roy Bonner.  THANK YOU, Roy… for your leadership of the Club in what were difficult days.  And, for anyone who has ever parked on Magee Street in front of the Club, give a cheer to Roy for negotiating parking rights with the city.  Roy never stopped believing in the Club, and we are a better facility because if it.

I’m also believing that Senior Scoop will be a rousing success.  Started during the term of my predecessor, the multi-talented author Jon Land, graduating seniors (any other young-looking person who happens by) get free ice cream during an afternoon of Senior Week.  Your intrepid Club Prez and adept Club Manager participate in doling out the treats!  Last year we went through 10 tubs of ice cream.  I shifted hands when scooping and built up some serious muscle-mass!

Finally, don’t stop believing that your FC will continue to provide you with top-notch, first-class service, food, and events in the months to come.  Simply stated, your FC will “Rock for Ages” to come. 

-- Bill Rakowski, President of the Brown Faculty Club