President's Message

March & April 2014 


I’ve been doing these columns for over 3 years, and am always looking for inspiration. Where does inspiration come from? (Is that too “deep” a philosophical question for a mere Presidential column?)

Well, deep or not, let’s tackle this. I’ve not consulted our own formidable Department of Philosophy, but my “Presidential Philosophy” is that inspiration comes from “inspired collaboration.” (Am I over-using “inspired”???) And where does our Club’s inspired collaboration come from?  It comes from the creativity of our Executive Chef, Dave Chabot, and how he works with the kitchen crew to make his ideas, and their ideas, come to life.

It comes from the leadership of our Club Manager, Mary Hogan, and her synergies with the Club’s administrative staff. And, of course, our Club’s “inspired collaboration” comes from the superbly integrated performance of the front-line staff who do reservations, hosting, table service and keeping an eye on us to be sure we are well-served.

“Inspired collaboration” comes from our Board of Managers – a lively bunch! No such thing as a dull meeting of that group. And, “inspired collaboration” is greatly facilitated and enhanced by the support given to the Club by our university administration. Big-time shout-outs to Gretchen Willis, Rich Bova, and Margaret Klawuun. THANKS!

Most of the time in these columns, I enjoy being a tad silly. But quite seriously, Brown University has weathered some tough financial storms over the past few years. Now, with the leadership of immediate Past-President Ruth Simmons, and the continued vision of our current President Christina Paxson, Brown is emerging into a new era. I am pleased to no end that the Faculty Club is a part of this emerging university – as a Club that serves the university community, both local and extended. In this new era of Brown, the Faculty Club will benefit from our collectively-grounded, inspired collaboration and will make its best possible contribution to our university.

And to you, our members, I give a most sincere “Thank you.” We pursue inspired collaboration because of your support and participation. Our whole is truly more than the sum of our parts. 

-- Bill Rakowski, President of the Brown Faculty Club