President's Message

May  - August 2015


Are the piles of snow gone yet? Geez, at one point back in February, it got so bad that the steps in front of The Club were being used as a ski jump! Even though I still have my pants’ legs rolled up in case of high water, I am feeling the warmth of Spring.... and with Spring and coming Summer, the strings of this older man’s heart drift to memories.... memories of Prez Messages past.

I am still partial to one of the earliest... the “Top Seven.” We all eat at many places, but if The Club is one of your Top Seven, its place will be reinforced as a core piece of Brown’s social and dining identities. A close second is the Faculty Club Scrabble word puzzle for “EVENTS.” Can holding events and sponsoring events be stressed enough? (Obvious answer... NO!). Combine Top Seven with Events, and you have a Club that just won’t quit providing top-notch experiences.

How about: “Use us... we love being used!” “All you have to do is ask” and “Proxy Day.” “Every day is Friday at the Club.” This is making me feel like a chef. Am I making a layer cake? Mayyy-beeee!. A Faculty-Club-Special Layer Cake.

So, what’s the fill between the layers? I’m going with generous spreads of university support. Gretchen Willis (our “strawberry”), Rich Bova (our “blueberry”), and Margaret Klawuun (our “peach”). Is this laying it on thick, or what? But well-deserved, for sure.

Now... for the frosting over the layers... Is there any doubt? It’s the Club staff. When I was a kid in Utica, NY... Hemstraught’s Bakery had a “marble cake,” with a frosting of chocolate and vanilla swirls. It was to die for. Our Club staff makes this a “rainbow cake,” swirls of excellence and expertise across the spectrum...each person with their own talents.

Last but certainly not least... the decoration. Well of course...the decoration is great big dollops of YOU, our members and patrons. Rosettes, Lilies, Daisies, Sunflowers, Mums, Orchids (geez, this must be a BIG cake!). OMG! Yes, you are all dollops on the cake that is the Club.

YIKES! From piles of snow to sweet dollops on a celebratory cake... all in one Prez Column. Well, it’s not as much where you start as where you end. And we are ending in a good place. My best wishes to all of you, and may your summer have “dollops” full of fun and tasty frosting, on your own layer-cakes-of-life.

-- Bill Rakowski, President of the Brown Faculty Club