Take-Away Bakery

Holiday Baked Goods Order Form. Beginning December 1 - December 19th! Please note: we prefer that you order within 36 hours of your requested pick up time.

To Place Your Take-Away Bakery Order call 863-3023!

The Faculty Club can also prepare custom platters to your specifications. In addition, a full line of cold hors d'oeuvres can be prepared for take out. Please place orders 48 hours prior

Specialty Cakes. Did you know the Faculty Club creates cakes for your special occasion?

Home Baked Scones

one dozen - $20.00

minimum of 8 per variety

Coffee Cake Squares

one dozen - $18.00

minimum of 12 per variety

Home Baked Shortbread Cookies

one dozen - $18.50

BFC Morning Glory Muffins

one dozen - $16.50

minimum of 12 per variety