Religious Life Affiliates

Religious Life Affiliates at Brown work in concert with the Office of the Chaplains and Religious Life (OCRL) to gather and nurture the wide variety of faith traditions present on campus. From Islam to Judaism to Christianity to Hindu to Zen, the affiliates (listed below in alpha order) coordinate and make visible Brown's vibrant religious life. More information about affiliated Religious Life groups is available on the Faith Communities page.

* (P) indicates Protestant Religious Life groups.

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Aswell, Hope
Brown Christian Fellowship (A Ministry of InterVarsity) (P)

Bernstein, Professor Susan
Zen Buddhist Community


Coolidge, R. David
Brown Muslim Students' Association

Cooper, Kathy
Graduate/Medical School Fellowship (A Ministry of InterVarsity)

Einhorn, Marshall
Brown-RISD Hillel

Gomes, Hans-Dieter
Quaker Meeting at Brown

Friesen, Brodie
College Hill for Christ (A Ministry of Campus Crusade)

Howard-McParland, Angela
Catholic Campus Minister

Brown-RISD Catholic Community

Koelsch, Adam
Branch Christian Ministry (Chi Alpha—A Ministry of the Assemblies of God)

Lee, Yeppii
Unified Christian Body (A Ministry of InterVarsity, Undergraduate Asian Community)

Lynn, Jarrod (A ministry of CRU)

Michaelson, John
Branch Christian Ministry (Chi Alpha—A Ministry of the Assemblies of God)


Park, Annie
Reformed University Fellowship (Presbyterian Church in America)

Park, The Reverend Eddie
Reformed University Fellowship (Presbyterian Church in America)

Rabbi Michelle Dardashti
Brown-RISD Hillel

Scharf, Professor Peter
Yoga and Mindfullness

Seggell, Cathy
Brown University Unitarian Universalist Group

Soukup, The Reverend Nancy Hamlin

Yogatmananda, Swami
Brown Hindu Students' Association