Appeal/Grievance Procedures

Student Disability Grievance/Appeal Procedures

Students in the College, the Graduate School, and the Medical School have the right to file grievances/appeals alleging that they are being subjected to prohibited discriminatory treatment in a program or activity of the University based on their disability status.  The grievance/appeal procedures follow:

· The student who believes he/she has been discriminated against should first discuss the problem with the person or department in question.  At the request of either party, the supervisor or department head under whose jurisdiction the matter may fall may participate. Communicating with Student and Employee Accessibility Services at this stage in the process would be an alternative to communicating directly with the party or parties of concern.

· If the student does not believe the problem has been equitably resolved, the student may then file a written complaint to the ADA/504 Coordinator.

· The ADA/504  Coordinator hearing the grievance shall conduct an inquiry into the matter as deemed appropriate (the Vice President/Officer shall have the discretion to appoint an individual(s) to review the matter and render an opinion as to the resolution of the matter) and establish procedures and schedules for inquiry and resolution.  The ADA/504  Coordinator will then make a final decision, which will then conclude the matter with such implementation or corrective action as may be prescribed.

· All parties should seek to act promptly.  In general, the parties should seek to complete each phase of the process within ten working days, it being understood that particular matters may take longer for a variety of reasons (complexity of the matter, availability of people, etc.). 

· Note: This procedure is to be used when the matter does not fall within the jurisdiction of other functional review and grievances mechanisms (e.g. the Non-Academic Disciplinary Code, the Financial Aid Awards Review Board).

· The ADA/504 Coordinator for students is Mary Grace Almandrez, Interim Assistant Vice President for Campus Life & Student Services. She can be reached at 401-863-3145 or


U.S. Department of Education Contact Information:


Individuals may always contact the following regarding allegations of disability discrimination in violation of Section 504:

 Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, 400 Maryland Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20202-1100, Telephone:  1-800-421-3481.

 Boston Office, Office for Civil Rights, US Department of Education, 8th Floor, 5 Post Office Square, Boston, MA 02109-3921. Telephone: 617-289-0111. FAX: 617-289-0150; TDD: 800-877-8339.  Email: