Brown University

Find Waldo in Providence from July 1st to 31st!

Come to our Wonderful Waldo Grand Celebration on Saturday, August 2nd at 11:00 a.m.!
--There will be raffle prizes for stamps collected, games, snacks, and fun.
--Don't forget to bring your stamped passport and raffle prize entries. 
--Prizes provided by Candlewick Press, the Brown Bookstore, and other local merchants. 

Prizes for our Wonderful Waldo Grand Celebration generously donated by:
--Aqualife Aquarium - Gift Card
--Better Burger Co. - Gift Card
--Blick Art Materials - Gift Card
--Candlewick Press - Where's Waldo books
--Creatoyvity LLC - Gift Certificate
--Dolce Gelateria - Gift Certificate

--East Side YMCA - 3 Month Membership
--Frog and Toad - Bunny Serving Dish, Gift Certificate
--Legend Bicycle - Bicycle Horn
--Louis Family Restaurant - 3 Gift Certificates
--Paper Nautilus - Gift Certificate
--Pizza Gourmet - 2 18" Pizzas to enjoy at our Wonderful Waldo Celebration!
--Plaid & Stripe Pet Shop - Leash & Collar
--Pleasent Surprise - Toys
--Stock Culinary Goods - Set of 4 Ice Cream Dishes
--Three Sisters  - T-shirt, Thermos, 2 Gift Certificates

Hey, Kids!  Waldo, our favorite red, white, and blue wanderer is back again this summer spending July in some of the special places that keep our community unique!  All month long he'll be daring you to find him as he visits 25 local businesses.  And don't forget to find Woof, he's hiding in the Brown Bookstore!

Start at the Brown Bookstore to pick up your passport.
--Then visit the local stores listed below during the month of July.
--Spot Waldo in a participating shop and get a stamp/signature on your passport.
--BONUS: Find Woof in the Brown Bookstore for an additional
--Collect 10 stamps/signatures and get a Waldo button and a raffle prize entry.
--Collect 20+ stamps to receive a second raffle prize entry.

Print your Waldo Passpost

Print Map & Checklist

Waldo likes to hang out at:

Hope Street Map

___Wildflour Vegan Bakery - 727 East Ave., Pawt.

___Three Sisters - 1074 Hope Street

___Seven Stars Bakery - 820 Hope Street

___NBX Bikes - 212 4th Street

___Frog and Toad - 795 Hope Street 

___Hope Returns - 746 Hope Street

___Stock Culinary Goods - 756 Hope Street 

___Creatoyvity - 736 Hope Street

___East Side/Mt. Hope YMCA - 438 Hope Street

___The Pizza Gourmet - 357 Hope Street 


Thayer Street

___Blue State Coffee - 300 Thayer Street

___Pleasant Surprise - 297 Thayer Street

___Berk's Shoes - 272 Thayer Street

___Brown Bookstore - 244 Thayer Street

___Ben & Jerry's - 224 Thayer Street

___BBC - Better Burger Co. - 215 Thayer Street


Wayland Square

___Books on the Square - 471 Angell Street

___Paper Nautilus - 5 So. Angell Street

___Plaid & Stripe PetShop - 17 So. Angell Street

___Eastside Marketplace - 165 Pitman Street


Wickenden & Brook Streets

___Louis Family Restaurant - 286 Brook Street

___Legend Bicycle - 181 Brook Street

___Blick Art Materials - 200 Wickenden Street

___Dolce Gelateria - 270 Wickenden Street

___Aqua-Life - 389 Wickenden Street