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How do students schedule appointments with Career Advisors?

They log in to the Brown Student Job and Internship Board and schedule online. All appointments are held at our office at 167 Angell St. Students should arrive a few minutes prior the their appointment and check in on the first floor.

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What is covered in an appointment with a Career Advisor?

Students can meet with career advisors on any topic requiring in-depth discussion. All appointments are for a half-hour, and students can schedule follow-up times as needed. Frequent topics include feeling overwhelmed and lost about future plans, decision making about careers and concentrations, job/internship search strategies and resources, and practice interviewing.

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What if a student simply wants to start a resume and find out more about CareerLAB?

Walk-in Hours are perfect for that. During the academic year, walk-ins are held at 167 Angell St., 1st floor Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 1:30 – 3:30, and Sundays from 3-5pm.

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Should First Year students wait until second year to use CareerLAB?

No, we encourage first year students to visit CareerLAB as soon as October of their first semester.  Walk-in Hours are a great first step.

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Does CareerLAB have tipsheets on Resumes, Cover Letters, Interviewing, Social Media and more?

Yes, they can be found in the Resources section on CareerLAB website, click here. If applicable, we encourage students to read tip-sheets related to their topics of concern before coming to walk-ins or a half-hour appointment with an advisor.

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Does CareerLAB offer practice interviews for jobs and internships?

Yes, students can schedule an appointment with an advisor through the Brown Student Job and Internship Board. In addition, Interview Stream is an on-line resource that provides students with web-cam recorded interview practice. It can also be found on the Students Job and Internship Board.

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Does CareerLAB provide studens with a dossier service for storing letters of recommendation?

CareerLAB partners with Interfolio.com to support dossier needs of Brown student and alums. The premier online credential file management service for universities, Interfolio provides easy, safe, reliable service, available 24/7. Requests are processed within one business day, with multiple mailing options. The service is affordable, flexible, and supports the Brown is Green initiative by reducing the need for paper document storage.

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I have an advisee who's not interested in many of the well-defined career fields (medicine, banking, law, etc.); can CareerLAB help this student?

 Yes, CareerLAB can help students with a wide-range of career interests. We have advisors with knowledge across a number of areas, including public interest, education, non-profits, government, communications, entertainment, and media. We also provide several opportunities throughout the year for students to connect with alumni in numerous fields. While students may not find exactly what they're looking for though on-campus recruiting, they have many opportunities to expand their job/internship search to encompass networking with alumni, and the hundreds of opportunities posted on the Job and Internship Board. CareerLAB also informs students about interesting opportunities through social media and its weekly newletter.

Finally, students who are confused or uncertain about their career search can develop an individualized plan in consultation with any of our career advisors.

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Can students receive credit for a summer internship?

It is rare for Brown students to receive academic credit for an internship. To receive credit, students need to develop an independent study related to the internship under the direction of a faculty member. Since independent study is not offered in the summer, the employer must be willing to accept fall term credit. For more information, please review Brown's internship credit policy.

CareerLAB can send a letter of support to the student's prospective internship employer. This letter explains Brown's policy but does not confirm that the student will receive credit. If you or your student have further questions about this issue, contact tiffany_burke@brown.edu.

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Does CareerLAB offer internship funding?

LINK awards provide financial assistance to students pursuing unpaid or low-paying summer internships. In addition, CareerLAB offers the following programs:

  • Brown City Specific Internship Programs – These internships foster a unique partnership between alumni and undergraduate students, while providing meaningful work experiences including alumni mentorship, informal networking events and a glimpse of life after Brown.  Current programs exist in Boston, New York, Providence and the West Coast.
  • The Ittleson Foundation Summer Internship - The internship provides a Brown student with a rare inside opportunity to learn about philanthropy, its role in society, and the workings of the non-profit sector, while working closely with the Foundation’s Executive Director.
  • The Messing Family Public Service Fellowship – The fellowship provides funding for students to pursue internships in public education in Rhode Island that advance students' understanding of public education in the U.S. and their own interest and career possibilities in education.

The Swearer Center for Public Service also offers several fellowships specifically for Brown students.

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How can my advisee talk to other Brown students about their internship experiences?

The Peer-to-Peer Internship Fair, an annual event held before winter break, is an opportunity for students seeking internships to learn from their peers who have already interned in a number of fields. Experienced students can talk to their peers not only about internship experiences in the US and abroad, but also about housing resources and options for funding. Check out the list of past participants.

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What resources are available for searching internship opportunities?

Many options exist. Here are a few Brown specific resources to get you started:

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Are there additional internship funding resources at Brown?

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