Alumni Stories

Hearing and reading about how alumni have navigated life after Brown is one of the best ways to think about how to spend your time at Brown, how to consider future career paths and how to look for and find jobs and internships.

Voices from the Field

Read Q&As and watch short videos in which alumni answer questions about their time at Brown and what they do now. 


Many departments and concentrations have collected and posted stories from Brown alumni, who write about how their concentration has impacted their career path.

In addition to the stories above you can also read stories collected by the Cirrucular Resource Center's Brown Alumni Stories project.

Want to have a conversation with an alum?

Consider taking advantage of the numerous opportunities to meet Brown alumni on campus when they visit for regular CareerLAB panels, Brown Degree DaysJanuary Career Laboratory  and other events.

You can also connect with more than 5,400 alumni who have volunteered through BRUnet to share their professional experiences and expertise with Brown students through informational interviews.