Post-Graduate Data

Cognitive Neuroscience

Cognitive neuroscience is the study of higher cognitive functions in humans and their underlying neural bases. It is an integrative area of study drawing primarily from cognitive science, psychology, neuroscience, and linguistics. There are two broad directions that can be taken in this concentration - one is behavioral/experimental and the other is computational/modeling. In both, the goal is to understand the nature of cognition from a neural perspective. The standard concentration for the Sc.B. degree requires courses on the foundations, systems level, and integrative aspects of cognitive neuroscience as well as laboratory and elective courses that fit within a particular theme or category such as general cognition, perception, language development or computational/modeling. Concentrators must also complete a senior seminar course or an independent research course. Students may also participate in the work of the Brown Institute for Brain Science, an interdisciplinary program that unites ninety faculty from eleven departments.

Here's what concentrators from the classes of 2012 and 2013 reported they were doing in their first year after graduation.



  • Associate Consultant, Bain & Company
  • Co-founder, Exo
  • Editorial Intern, Footnote
  • Editorial Intern, Footnote
  • Match Corps Member, Match Education
  • Research Assistant, Social Neuroscience and Psychopathology Lab, Harvard University
  • Technical Assistant, MIT Gabrieli Lab

Graduate School

  • Brown Alpert Medical School, MD
  • Brown University, MAT, Elementary Education
  • Brown University, MS, Cognitive, Linguistic, Psychological Sciences¬†¬†
  • California Institute of Technology, PhD, Computation and Neural Systems



  • Marketing Intern, Indianapolis Colts
  • Post-baccalaureate Research Fellow, National Institute of Mental Health
  • Project Coordinator, The 2Seeds Network
  • Research Coordinator, CLL Research and Treatment Program, North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System
  • Senior Consultant, Admissionado
  • Writing Fellow, The Onion

Graduate School

  • Case Western Reserve University, MS, Nursing
  • MS


  • Fulbright Fellowship
  • Rhodes Scholarship