Careers in the Common Good

Careers in the Common Good

Careers in the Common Good (CCG) is a resource for students and alumni interested in nonprofit, social enterprise or public service careers and working for the common good. CCG provides programs, online resources and advising to help students explore ways to craft a career that makes a difference. CCG is an initiative of the CareerLAB, Curricular Resource Center, and Swearer Center for Public Service. 

Highlight of the Week:  The More than Money League Career Modules help Brown students get clear, get connected and get hired faster for jobs in Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Business, and Social Enterprise. Click here to read more. Click here to go to directly to the Modules.


  • Community Hours -- At CCG Community Hours Brown alumni and others talk about their work and the different pathways Brown students can take into common good careers. All Community Hours are at 7:00 PM at the CareerLAB, unless otherwise noted. 
    FALL 2013
    Sept. 24 -- The Non-Profit Job and Internship search
    Oct. 8 -- Education -- The Take-Away
    Nov. 5 -- Demystifying Non-Profits, Writing for Non-Profits -- The Take-Away
    Nov. 14 -- Pathways to Government Work -- The Take-Away
    Nov. 19 -- Pathways to International Work -- The Take-Away
    SPRING 2014

    March 5 -- Environment and Sustainability -- 6:00 PM -- The Take-Away
    March 18 -- Pathways to the Museum World -- 7:00 PM -- Video Replay (You must be logged into a gmail account to watch the video).  -- The Take-Away
    April 1 -- Public Interest Law -- 7:00 PM
    April 15 -- Making A Living While Making A Difference -- 7:00 PM -- The Take-Away

Online Resources


You can schedule a meeting with any CareerLAB advisor to discuss common good careers. Jim Amspacher -- one of CareerLAB's four advisors -- works with employers and alumni to develop more common good internship and job opportunities for Brown students.

In addition, you can schedule an advising session with Peggy Chang, the director of the Curricular Resource Center, who also heads up CCG's alumni outreach efforts.