Fall On-Campus Recruiting

How To Navigate On-Campus Recruitment

Do you prefer to watch a video of a CareerLAB advisor walking you through the On-Campus Recruitment process?  Watch Ron Foreman’s How to Rock On-Campus Recruiting from Fall 2013. Refer to the 2014 Fall recruitment calendar for this year’s deadlines. 

Employers who engage in On-Campus Recruitment (OCR) travel to Brown in the fall to hire seniors for full-time positions after graduation. The process can be intense for students and, if you’re interested, you need to be engaged right from the start of the semester. Here are a few steps you can consider to help you decide whether you want to participate and, if so, how to navigate the process. 

Step 1 - Decide if you want to participate (Late August and Early September)

Research the employers who are coming to campus.  See the full list of:

Still not sure if you want to participate? Schedule an appointment with an advisor or, starting on Monday, Sept. 8, come to Walk-Ins Monday through Friday, 1:30 to 3:30 to talk it over.

Step 2 - Make your target list and do further research on the organizations you’re targeting. (September and Early October)

Check out the organization’s web site, go to info sessions, attend the Career Fair on Sept. 17 and use the Vault Career Intelligence website to do more in-depth research on specific companies and dozens of career fields. If time allows, network with alums.

Step 3 – Apply via the Brown Student Job and Internship Board. (August, September and Early October)

Read more about the steps you can take to start drafting your cover letter and résumé. Starting on Monday, Sept. 8, you can come to Walk-Ins Monday through Friday, 1:30 to 3:30 to get one-on-one feedback or schedule an appointment with an advisor.

Step 4 – If  you’re selected for an interview (October and November), do more research on the company and practice.

Review our interview preparation tip sheet to get started. Don’t forget to send a thank you note after the interview.

Step 5 – If you receive an offer, take the time to consider it.

If you receive an offer from an employer that engages in On-Campus Recruitment they have agreed to give you two weeks or until Nov. 14 (whichever is later) to decide. If you receive an offer you like and decide to accept it, celebrate!

Step 6 –It’s not unusual for students to decide not to participate in On-Campus Recruitment or to drop out of the process after learning more, or to not get an offer they want to accept.

That’s OK. The vast majority of organizations that hire Brown students after graduation don’t recruit on campus. Meet with a career advisor to make a plan for targeting employers and launching your job search.