Résumés and Cover Letters

Whether you’re simply networking or actually applying for a job or internship, a polished résumé and--when the employer asks for it--a well-written cover letter can distinguish you from other candidates.

Career LAB can help you produce cover letters and résumés that merit a second look--and are thus more likely to land you that all-important interview.

Models and Tips

  • Download our résumé and cover letter tip sheets.
  • Watch our cover letter and résumé online workshops.
  • Look at successful real-world résumés from Brown students in different career fields and class years in our résumé book tip sheet.

Draft Your Resume and Letter

After you’ve produced your first drafts, bring your résumé and cover letter to CareerLAB’s walk-in hours to get face-to-face feedback from a career advisor.

Revise based on feedback, and return to CareerLAB open hours for nother read. Many students do several drafts and make a couple of trips to the CareerLAB.

Solicit Feedback

Once you've produced what you consider to be your final work, show your résumé and cover letter to a trusted advisor, faculty member, or mentor. They may have additional feedback that will help you polish your work.

Tailor Your Resume for Each Job

Every one of the résumés you send out should be slightly revised for the particular job at hand. Cover letters, when requested or required, should be even more personalized. This essential step increases your chances of getting an interview.