Sexual Assault and Interpersonal Violence

For immediate medical assistance (24 hours/day):

Call EMS through the Department of Public Safety, (401) 863-4111.

For immediate general assistance (24 hours/day):

Call the Sexual Assault Response Line, (401) 863-6000. The Sexual Assault Crisis Counselor gives information and support in the immediate aftermath of a sexual assault, and is available to accompany the student to hospital, as needed.

To speak to a therapist at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS):

During regular office hours: call (401) 863-3476 or come to J Walter Wilson Room 516.

Nights and weekends: call (401) 863-3476 and follow the prompts to reach the psychotherapist on call.

Unclear who to contact? The CAPS clinician can help direct you to the appropriate resources.

Brown On-Line Resources

Sexual Assault and Rape

Support for Harassment and Discrimination, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment and Dating Abuse

Sexual Assault and Dating Violence

Providence Community Resources

The Sexual Assault and Trauma Resource Center of RI:

  • The Victims of Crime hot line: 1-800-494-8100, 24 hours a day
    counselor-advocates provide confidential support, information and advocacy, and are available to accompany victims of sexual assault to hospitals, the police station and court.
  • Day One: (401) 421-4100, a program for victims of violence located on Medway Street on the East Side. This program offers ongoing counseling and/or appropriate referrals as well as an ongoing group for female survivors of sexual assault. This program also periodically offers an incest survivors group. For more information about the groups call (401) 421-4100 ext 230.