Staff Liaisons

Key People in Key Offices

In addition to the staff of the Office of Student Veterans and Commissioning Programs and peer support available through the Brown University Student Veterans Society, Brown has a network of staff located in key offices who are first points of contact for veterans students.

Catherine Axe
Director, Student and Employee Accessibility Services
20 Benevolent Street
(401) 863-9588

  • Undergraduate, graduate, and medical students
  • Accommodations or services due to a disability or medical condition

Maitrayee Bhattacharyya
Associate Dean for Diversity Programs, Office of the Dean of the College
University Hall 201
(401) 863-3488

James Campbell
Associate Dean, Graduate School and the Office of Student Life
20 Benevolent Street
(401) 863-3145

  • Graduate and undergraduate students
  • Support regarding medical, personal, and family issues and crises
  • Consultation and referral for mental health and medical needs, including post-trauma and adjustment related concerns

Eli Baalbaki
Assistant Director, Office of Financial Aid
J. Walter Wilson, 2nd Floor
(401) 863-2721

  • Undergraduate students
  • Financial aid liaison for veteran students
  • Yellow ribbon program coordination

Peter Newcomb
Assistant Director, Office of College Admission
45 Prospect Street
(401) 863-2378

  • Undergraduate students
  • Admission office liaison for veteran students