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Introduction to Bio-Medical Science: Cells, Tissues and Organs

This course is expected to run but has not yet been scheduled.

Course Description

While some would say “substance over form,” in this course the substance IS form: that of the vertebrate body. We will focus on the four tissues that represent the body’s building blocks. These will be examined from the perspective of the cell, tissue and organ levels.

This course is of interest to students interested in development, morphology, with career goals in research, healthcare, and clinical applications.

The course has lecture, laboratory and fieldwork components. Labs include light microscopic examination of prepared slides, and dissections (cat muscle, sheep heart and brain, and human skeleton). Each student will prepare a hand-illustrated atlas that will record their observations.

Fieldwork activities introduce students to research in action. There will be a meeting with a Brown undergraduate host to introduce each active research on the campus. There will be a visit to the electron microscopy facility; and a prosection tour of the medical gross anatomy lab, and a presentation at the John Hay library of historic ancient folios of botanical and medical illustrations. There will be a series of guest lectures on current topics. The program will be punctuated by student group presentations on careers in the Biomedical sciences and individual oral presentations on cell/tissue based diseases.

By the end of the course, students will:

-Understand the functional and morphological characteristics of the four basic tissues types in the context of cell biology, development and gross anatomy; with practical experience in light microscopy , observations and dissection;

-Understand the ramifications of biological research as it applies to fields of medicine,as well as other careers that are supported by a rich understanding of the basic sciences.

High School biology is highly recommended and chemistry is useful.

*Please Note: This course has a Supplemental Fee of $250.00.