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Italian Film: Art and History

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Course DatesWeeksMeeting TimesStatusInstructor(s)CRN
July 20, 2014 - August 09, 20143M-F 3P-5POpenSuzanne Stewart-Steinberg10399

Course Description

Some of the greatest films ever made come from Italy. In the second half of the last century, there developed in Italy a film culture of remarkable power and richness. A study of the great films from this time, from The Bicycle Thief to La Dolce Vita to The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly to Life is Beautiful, provides a window into Italian history and culture.

After allowing yourself to live in a movie, it’s worthwhile to try to understand what makes that movie work. So we will learn about the craft of film-making. And we will explore the myth of Italy with a look at how foreigners have imagined the country, with clips from several non-Italian films. When you leave this class you will know much about modern Italian history. You will be able to understand how a film works and be able to analyze and interpret what the impact of the film was when it was first made, and what it says to us today. You will have experienced some of the best films ever made and be able to judge and understand contemporary films with a sense of history and what came before. And you will be well prepared for any film studies course or Italian history course you might encounter.

This course is only open to students enrolled in Pre-College Global Programs.

**When registering in Banner, students must enroll in "Ancient Rome: Archaeology & Civic Life" (CRN 10397) OR "Secrets & Symbols of Roman Art & Architecture" (CRN 10398) AND “Beginning Italian” (CRN 10370) AND one Humanities course option: “Italian Film: Art & History” (CRN 10399) or “Digital Photography" (CRN 10400).