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SPARK Students Engaged in the Classroom
SPARK Students Engaged in the Classroom
SPARK Students Engaged in the Classroom
SPARK Students Engaged in the Classroom
SPARK Students Engaged in the Classroom
SPARK Students Engaged in the Classroom

SPARK - Science for Middle School

SPARK - Science for Middle School

2014 Program Dates

Two-Week Session
July 7 - 18, 2014


For middle school students currently in grades 6 through 8. The minimum age is 12.

Fees: $3,924

The application period for Summer 2015 opens in December.

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SPARK is a two week residential science program for curious middle school students who seek to live on the Brown University campus, immerse themselves in exciting science subjects, and gain the foundations necessary for further scientific inquiry.  SPARK students choose from a range of courses (one 2-week or two 1-week courses), and participate in carefully selected inquiry activities, inspiring science talks, as well as team-building and leadership activities. Students will not only learn the foundations of one or two scientific disciplines, but will reflect on what it means to excel, rise, and possibly lead in the sciences; while developing into well-rounded and responsible citizens.

The SPARK Experience

The SPARK program is designed to inspire students with similar interests in the sciences.  Students are immersed in science courses, get a real taste for what it means to be a scientist, and learn to explore and discover.  This process allows for stimulating and meaningful learning.

The leadership aspect of the SPARK program introduces students to what it means to excel in the sciences, while becoming smart, responsible, and emotionally intelligent citizens.  Through age-appropriate leadership activities, talks and discussions; students will get a feel for what it takes to be successful in science.

The SPARK experience is enriched further through collegiality and collaboration where students from diverse backgrounds work together in teams.  Students learn from each other, are inspired by each other, and form lasting friendships.  This creates an enjoyable, safe, and relaxed environment which in turn encourages each student to live up to his or her full potential.  As a result, students build self-confidence and grow as individuals.  When students return home, they are transformed and energized to take charge of their learning.      

Science Goals

Leadership Goals

Personal Goals

Division into Junior and Senior SPARK Students

Typically, students range from ages 12 to 15 years old. Recognizing the academic and developmental differences between the youngest and oldest participants, we created an age appropriate program offering courses specifically geared toward students who have completed 6th and 7th grade (Junior SPARK) and for students who have completed 8th grade (Senior SPARK). 

We strongly recommend that students enroll in courses that are specifically designed for their appropriate academic level. 

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