BIT Grants - Overview

2012-13 Call for Proposals

Please apply online

The Brown Instructional Technology (BIT) Grants Program is an opportunity for faculty and graduate instructors to have digital projects created for their courses. Project proposals should state specific pedagogical goals and explain how the use of technology might enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Projects will be developed by the Students Technology Assistant (STA) Program, and coordinated by the Instructional Technology Group in collaboration with the instructor(s) and any graduate or undergraduate student researchers. Work will take place during the summer and could extend to the following academic year.

Types of Projects

Computer Animations

  • demonstrate concepts you typically draw on the board
  • allow students to learn more by seeing things change across time and space

Custom Websites

  • gather important research findings by you and students and publish them on the World Wide Web
  • showcase student projects

Digital Video Production

  • produce a short video that clarifies a core concept, demonstrates a lab technique, fosters a discussion
  • create audio clips or voice-overs to use in PowerPoint or video

Canvas Course Websites - Designer Help

  • Banner Image - custom design for pages inside Canvas to set your class apart
  • Online Quiz - have general questions added to your course to gauge students' understanding of specific lectures
  • Course-specific Resources - have modules created with links to course-appropriate websites and professional organizations, library resources, interactive web animations, etc.

In addition to these specific areas, you can request help for slide, audio and video digitization. Proposals clearly stating the dimensions and use of the digitized materials will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. Support is also available to help you work on digital presentations (PowerPoint, Keynote) including images, video clips and animations.

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Past Projects


Stephen Smith and Richard Besdine, Bio Med Medical Education
Nancy Jacobs, History and Africana Studies
Stephen Houston, Anthropology
Peter Scharf, Classics

Custom Websites

Karl Jacoby, History
Julio Ortega, Hispanic Studies
Matthew Garcia, Ethnic Studies
Lewis Seifert, French Studies

Video Productions

Stephen Smith and Richard Besdine, Bio Med Medical Education
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Submission Instructions

Please apply online
Make sure you select the 2nd option: create a digital learning object ...

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. All applicants will be contacted shortly after they submit their proposal.

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Contact Information

Specific enquiries can be addressed directly to your
Instructional Technologist and to

Giovi Roz
STA Program Director
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