TechCUBS - Overview

Technology collaboration between university faculty and Brown students

Proposals are no longer being accepted.


The TechCUBS program partners skilled undergraduate students, trained and supervised by CIS Academic Technology Services staff, with faculty in need of help meeting pedagogical goals using technology.

For further information, interested faculty can contact


The goals of the program are to:

  • help faculty as they try new teaching strategies involving technology
  • provide the opportunity for faculty to develop new skills
  • create an environment in which faculty can comfortably move towards self sufficiency.

In addition to fine-tuning their technical skills, students benefit from working closely with a faculty member and experiencing first-hand the academic development process.

TechCUBS students might assist an instructor as they:

  • create a collaborative online writing assignment using a wiki space
  • integrate online discussion throughout the curriculum
  • experiment with online assessment using MyCourses quizzing tool
  • develop free writing assignments with blogging tools
  • transform large lectures into a more active learning environment with clickers
  • get up-to-speed on the many tools in MyCourses
  • or whatever else you might have in mind!


To be considered for participation faculty must complete an online proposal form. If selected, faculty will be partnered with a student for the duration of a semester. The student - faculty team will meet weekly in addition to the student working independently on the project. TechCUBS students work an average of 8 hours a week and their pay reflects the maturity and expertise required for the successful completion of projects. An instructional technologist will be assigned to the TechCUBS team and play an active role in guiding the semester's work.

Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria: clarity of project and likelihood of success within a semester, potential benefit to the teaching & learning process, and potential for skill development for the faculty member.