VFNow - A Tool to help you manage your class screenings online

VFNow icon VFNow, the new on-demand video service from CIS Teaching and Learning Services, allows students to watch course video materials on their computers rather than exclusively at the video checkout and viewing locations on campus (Language Resource Center, Media Services, Orwig, single departments ...).

Students watch a movie by clicking the published link in MyCourses and use Instream, the IPTV player for viewing. This is the same application they use for watching broadcast video content (entertainment, educational, and event channels) in the residence halls.


(Image represents how the player shows up in a window within the MyCourses frame)



The Instream Player
The player allows the movie to be paused, rewound, and fast forwarded. Audio and video quality is very high and subtitles are easily viewed. Instructors may also ask for bookmarks to be inserted to guide students to selected portions of the movie. Since VFNow can be viewed from any campus computer, instructors may use the player to show movies during class sessions.

Copyright, Restricted Access and Encryption
All VFNow course materials are protected in order to respect copyright. Only registered students in your course can view the movie and only during the time period you request. The video is encrypted for transmission and at no time is there a copy resident on the computer being used for viewing.

Request and Digitization Process
Please submit your request at least one week before students need to view the material. Please use the online OCRA request form at: http://dl.lib.brown.edu/reserves/
(after you login click on "Add Entire Movies")
The movies you requested will be digitized and linked from your Mycourses by the CIS Student Technology Assistants. If the movies are owned by the Brown libraries, you will not need to take any action after you make your initial request. OCRA will keep you abreast of any progress in your request. Any questions? Please contact Brown Media Production Group, or email media_production@brown.edu.