Time-lapse photos and synched weather data unlock Antarctic secrets
Antarctica exposed

Executive masters student awarded for blood supply idea
Blood supply idea

Maahika Srinivasan ’15
It's Okay Not to Know

At the start of the semester, Maahika Srinivasan ’15 addressed first-year students and their families on the College Green. Maahika is president of the Undergraduate Council of Students. Here is what she said. 

Warmth and flowing water on early Mars were episodic
Periodic warmth, water on early Mars

Come, Sit A Spell
Come, Sit A Spell

Mehrdad Kiani ’15
A Unique Blend

Mehrdad Kiani ’15  applies engineering know-how to archaeology and cancer research. 

(7 into 15) + 1
(7 into 15) + 1

Perils, Pitfalls and Joys: Visual Art and the Communication of Complex Data
David Macaulay, Nov 20

Graduate Student Career Options Conference
GradCon, Nov 15

How low will a researcher go?
Life on the sea floor

In the submersible Alvin, biologist Jeremy Rich cruised through a “dream-like aquarium” of exotic life and lava formations on the Pacific sea floor.  The extreme heat of hydrothermal vents 2,500 meters under the sea resembles conditions life likely endured when it first emerged billions of years ago.