Jordan Carlos ’01
Joking for Acceptance

After years of hustling, comic Jordan Carlos ’01 makes it big in movies and on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore. 

multiplexing terahertz waves
Terahertz waves

Refugee Stories: Mapping a Crisis
Choices: Refugee Stories

Native Re-Appropriations
Native re-appropriations

CineBrasil 2015
CineBrasil 2015

Soon-to-be demolished building makes for a great canvas
Urban Studies Paint-Out

As an homage and good-bye to the home of Urban Studies for more than 20 years, local artist Gregory Pennisten produced a full-size graffiti mural over the façade of 29 Manning. 

2020 Mission to Mars
Mars landing sites

Three Brown geoscientists have suggested where NASA could land a new rover designed to search for signs of past life on Mars. The Brown team's recommendations are ranked near the top of the final list.

Mars (Image: NASA)
Sir Peter Westmacott ─ How Climate Challenges are Impacting Security Worldwide
British Ambassador, Climate Security, Oct 16

Institute at Brown for Environment & Society (IBES)
Copter & carbon

A new project spearheaded by IBES Fellow and Assistant Professor James Kellner uses a suite of technology carried by an unmanned helicopter to help quantify the mechanisms of carbon exchange between the atmosphere and the tropics in the Atlantic lowlands of Costa Rica.