Admission Decisions
Admission Decisions

“Audism unveiled” Film screening and Panel Discussion
Audism livestream

Graduate student death
Grad student passing

More evidence that the Red Planet was once habitable
Signs of Ancient Water Activity on Mars

Current and former graduate students from Brown create a geologic history of flowing water on the surface of Mars nearly 4 billion years ago.

Brown University Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies
Sip anxiety

In a new study, children given a sip of alcohol before sixth grade were more likely to have had a full drink or gotten drunk by ninth grade than those who didn’t get a sip. The researchers caution that the study reveals only an association, not proof of a cause.

What Can an Economist Possibly Have to Say
Climate change chat

Cedric Bright ’85
All kinds of doctors

Meredith Ruskin ‘16
Being Ourselves

Ruskin co-coordinates Algebra in Motion, a program that provides math and science tutoring at Hope High School, both in class and after school. She is a junior concentrating in Applied Mathematics – Economics. Pictured: A geometric chart of points and lines. 

biomarkers for concussion
Concussion biomarkers

Dispatches from Nicaragua
Covering a country

A group of Brown undergraduates (and aspiring foreign correspondents!) are spending this week in the college town of León, Nicaragua, under the tutelage of Stephen Kinzer, journalist in residence at the Watson Institute.