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2014 Royce Fellows Tackle Bold Ideas, Take Time to Listen
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Climate change urgency
Climate change rush

Institute for the Study of Environment and Society (ISES)
Society, environment

The Board of Fellows approved creation of an Institute for the Study of Environment and Society (ISES) in the coming academic year. Environmental questions range in scale from molecular to planetary and demand research collaboration from many disciplines. The new center will draw on Brown’s strengths in environmental teaching and research to address those questions in a holistic way.

When do you save a limb?
Navigating the Gray Zone

The feet of Heather Abbott, the Rhode Islander who lost her leg at last year's Boston Marathon bombings. Eric Bluman, MD RES’03 F’04 worked with a team of vascular and plastic surgeons, trauma surgeons, and others on an exploratory surgery to evaluate whether they could save Abbott’s foot.

Plants in ancient molten glass
Frozen in time

A research team led by geologist Pete Schultz has found fragments of leaves and preserved organic compounds inside glass created by ancient impacts in Argentina. The material could provide a snapshot of environmental conditions at the time of those impacts. The find also suggests that impact glasses could be a good place to look for signs of ancient life on Mars.