Brown University

RESOLVED: Department File Services, 11/06 7:25 PM

UPDATE: RESOLVED 11/07 3:04pm

This issue has been resolved.

Update 11AM 11/7/2013

As of 11AM, the replacement of physical hardware is in progress, and we anticipate restoring power to the affected servers within an hour.  Once the equipment is back online, CIS will start to verify the integrity of the underlying data storage.  As we confirm that data is uncorrupted, we will start to bring services back online.

- - - - 

Update 8:15 AM 11/7/2013

As of 8:15AM, we are in the process of replacing the affected hardware.  Department File Sservices will be unavailable today for departments NOT listed below until this work is completed. We do not yet have an estimated time for restoration of services, but we expect to have an estimate by mid-morning today.

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We are aware of a problem with Department File Services related to a storage hardware failure.  We are working with the vendor to resolve the issue and replace the affected equipment.  Functionality that may be impacted by this problem includes: access to Department File Services at or via a mapped network drive.

As of 9PM we are developing a list of departments that are affected by the outage.
Here is the list of DFS departments that are NOT affected:
Folder: Department:
e:\SharesA1\Admissions College Admission
e:\SharesA1\Budget Budget Office
e:\SharesA1\CLSS Campus Life & Student Services
e:\SharesA1\FinancialAid Financial Aid
e:\SharesA1\HR Human Resources
e:\SharesA2\AuxHousing University Auxiliary Housing (Residential Life)
e:\SharesA2\Bell_Gallery Bell Gallery
e:\SharesA2\HDCP Help Desk - Donna Bello
e:\SharesA2\ReligiousStudy Religious Studies
e:\SharesA2\OSVCP (Formally ROTC) - CLSS
e:\SharesA2\SarahDoyleCenter Sarah Doyle Women's Center
e:\SharesA2\Sheridan Sheridan Center for Teaching & Learning
e:\SharesA2\Slavic Slavic Languages
e:\SharesA2\TAPS Theatre Arts and Performance Studies
f:\SharesA3\CAAS Bio Med Alcohol & Addiction
f:\SharesA4\Italian Italian Studies
f:\SharesA4\VA Program in Visual Arts
f:\SharesA4\Writing Writing Center - Dean of the College
e:\SharesB1\AdmissionsBDMS College Admission
e:\SharesB1\x25Export Registrar's Office
e:\SharesB2\AmCiv American Studies
e:\SharesB2\Anthropology Anthropology
e:\SharesB2\Auditor Internal Audit Service, Executive VP of Finance & Administration
e:\SharesB2\Dining Dining Services
e:\SharesB2\InstIntlStudies Watson Institute for International Studies
e:\SharesB2\PoliticalScience Political Science
e:\SharesB3\AISR Annenberg Institute
e:\SharesB3\CISWindows CIS Windows Group
e:\SharesB3\Registrar Registrar's Office
e:\SharesB3\SCCMBkup CIS Windows Group
e:\SharesB3\STLIF Office of Student Life
f:\SharesB4\Chaplains Chaplains' Office
f:\SharesB4\ContinuingEducation Office of Continuing Education
f:\SharesB4\CSHD Center for the Study of Human Development (Education)
f:\SharesB4\Hispanic Hispanic Studies
e:\SharesC1\CIS Computing and Information Services
e:\SharesC1\DeanOfFaculty Dean of the Faculty
e:\SharesC2\GradSchool Graduate School (Graduate School Administration)
e:\SharesC2\Judaic Program In Judaic Studies
e:\SharesC2\LandyLab Bio Med Molecular, Cellular Biology Biochemistry
e:\SharesC2\SponsoredProjects Office of Sponsored Projects
f:\SharesC3\CRC Kate Monteiro/ITSC
f:\SharesC3\PsychServ Psychological Services
f:\SharesC4\CGHCR Gerontology/Jeff Hiris
f:\SharesC4\Classics Classics
f:\SharesC4\Health Health Services
f:\SharesC4\MedFacAppt Bio Med Medical Affairs, Bio Med Medical Education, Bio Med Psychiatry & Human Behavior
f:\SharesC4\PublicPolicy Center for Public Policy & American Institutions
f:\SharesC5\Athletics Athletics & Physical Education
f:\SharesC5\CareerDev Center For Careers & Life After Brown
f:\SharesC5\EastAsianStudy East Asian Studies
f:\SharesC5\JoukowskyInst Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World
f:\SharesC5\OfcIntlPrograms International Programs
If you experience problems other than the ones mentioned above, or problems with another service, please report them to the Help Desk at (401) 863-4357.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.