Directions to CIS Buildings

Coming to a  meeting with Computing and Information Services? Here's how to find our buildings with meeting spaces.

3 Davol Square

3 Davol Square3 Davol Square

  • Address / Map: 3 Davol Square, Providence RI 02903 (entrance on Point St.)
  • To enter: Walk into the courtyard and enter the door on your right under the awning labeled Building B (same entrance as Point Street Dueling Pianos). Take the elevator to the second floor for the reception desk. 
  • Shuttle: Brown Daytime Shuttle, stop 4 (Eddy & Point / Davol Square). The building will be across the street from the shuttle stop; walk to the traffic light and cross Eddy Street, walking towards the Point Street Bridge. Make a left onto the brick walkway before the parking lot to access the building's courtard.
  • Bike parking: Two bike racks are hidden behind low brick walls in the courtyard.
  • Parking: Note that no parking is available for visitors in the Davol lot.  Metered parking (quarters) is available on Point St. in front of the building, or visitors can pay to park in lots at 222 Richmond Street Parking Garage or S&M Enameling Co. at 70 South Street. 

169 Angell Street

169 Angell St.169 Angell St.

  • Address / Map: 169 Angell St., Providence RI 02906 (corner of Thayer and Angell)
  • To enter: The door is on Angell St. across the street from the Bookstore's side entrance. Please note that this location has a flight of stairs and no elevator. The main conference rooms will be on your left after a flight of stairs.
  • Shuttle: Brown Daytime Shuttle, stop 13 (Brown Office Building)
  • Bike parking: A bike rack is available across the street in front of the bookstore.
  • Parking: Metered parking (quarters) is available on Angell St.


Center for Information Technology (CIT)

Center for Information Technology (CIT)Center for Information Technology (CIT)

  • Address / Map: 115 Waterman St., Providence RI 02906 (corner of Brook and Waterman)
  • To enter:  The CIT's main entrance is in the courtyard. From Waterman St., walk down the alley between the CIT and the Sciences Library. Go through the double doors into the lobby, and the IT Service Center will be on your left.
  • Shuttle: Brown Daytime Shuttle, stop 12 (Visitor's Parking Lot / CIT)
  • Bike parking: Bike racks are located along the corridor between the CIT and the Sciences Library.
  • Parking: Metered parking (quarters) is available on Waterman St. and neighboring streets, and there is a nearby vistor parking lot on Brook St. behind the Minden Apartments.