Don't Get Caught ... by a Defenseless Device

Today's mobile devices are a technological marvel that, for most of us, have become an everpresent part of our lives. This "Swiss Army Knife" of the digital age bundles together essential needs such as staying connected to friends, families and colleagues; documenting our lives; helping us navigate in unfamiliar places; providing an outlet for our creativity; becoming our personal library, often replacing shelves of books and recordings; helping us to keep our inner child alive through play; and even waking us in the morning and helping us to fall asleep at night.

All that in one shiny, sleek, responsive gadget that fits into the palm of your hand or in a slipcase you can tuck under your arm, and is rarely out of site or touch.  No surprise that we form such close attachments to these wonders. And so when disaster strikes--and it's lost, stolen or compromised--well ... it kinda breaks your heart, doesn't it?

Which is why we are devoting this week to shoring up the defenses of mobile devices. We've prepared another tutorial and accompanying quiz. (Note: Tutorials can be viewed on an iPad after installing a special app you can download here.) 

Our final class for the month is Love Your Mobile Devices? Like to Keep Them Safe? Join us for a lively session full of tips and treats (cookies!) at this Thursday's Brown Bag. Hope you can make it!

Step 1.

Starting Oct. 21, log into LearningPoint to watch this week's short hands-on tutorial.

Step 2.

Attend the Brown Bag on Oct. 24 and earn another chance on the raffle. Reserve a spot for the event through LearningPoint or use this direct link.

Step 3.

Take the week's short quiz. Ace it for a chance on one of several prizes being raffled off on the 31st plus a weekly prize of a Brown hat.

Step 4.

Come back next week for more tips and chances on the raffle.