Don't Get Caught ... by an Online Oops!

If you use a social network, do you regularly check your privacy settings? And do you stop and count to three before posting a status update or photo in the heat of the moment? Always update your browser when it notifies you? Run a firewall? Use a secure wireless option (Brown-Secure, eduroam, VPN)? Avoid pop-ups? Filesharing? Suspicious freebies?

If you answered "No" to one or more of these questions, then you might just encounter an "Online Oops!" that could result in an infected device, becoming part of a botnet and spraying spam, or lost information that could possibly leading to identity theft.

It's not that folks aren't warned or aware of the risks of life online. It's just that "consumers do little to change online habits despite a greater awareness of Internet risks and an increased focus on privacy," according to the 2012 Global Microsoft Computing Safety Index (MCSI).

This week we look at the hazards you may encounter online and some things you can do to cultivate safer online habits. Start by checking out the short tutorial (which can be viewed on an iPad after installing a special app you can download here), then like last week, take the quiz to see what you learned and try to earn another chance on the October 31st raffle with a perfect score. Prizes include an iPad mini and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

You're also invited to join us for the class Is Your Life Online? for tips and treats (cookies!) on Thursday. See below for details on how to register.  Hope to see you there!

Step 1.

Starting Oct. 15, log into LearningPoint to watch this week's short hands-on tutorial.

Step 2.

Attend the Brown Bag on Oct. 17 and earn another chance on the raffle. Reserve your spot via LearningPoint or use this direct link.

Step 3.

Take the week's short quiz. Ace it for a chance on one of several prizes being raffled off on the 31st plus a weekly prize of a Brown hat.

Step 4.

Come back next week for more tips and chances on the raffle.