Don't Get Caught ... by a Pilfering Prowler

The numbers aren't pretty: a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds, one out of ten laptops are stolen or lost over its lifetime, and around 70 million smartphones are lost each year, as reported by Kensington. The most likely time and place to lose a phone depends on where you live, but coffee shops, fast food restaurants and gas stations are popular places and your chances are greatest at night, that according to Lookout's interactive Mobile Lost & Found site.

But the numbers don’t need to rule your life. You can protect yourself from the bad guys. During the final week of National Cyber Security Awareness Month we’ll focus on those trying to take your things -- whether a physical possession, data, or even identity -- on the criminal’s motives and methods, and how to protect yourself.

As in previous weeks, take a look at our tutorial for some helpful suggestions (which can be viewed on an iPad after installing a special app you can download here), then take the quiz to see what you learned and try to earn another chance on the raffle held on the 31st. Prizes include an iPad mini and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

Step 1.

Starting Oct. 28, log into LearningPoint to watch this week's short hands-on tutorial.

Step 2.

No Brown Bag this week, so why not view the tutorial one more time while you cross your fingers and wait for the raffle drawing on the 31st.

Step 3.

Take the short quiz. Ace it for a chance on one of several prizes being raffled off on the 31st plus a weekly prize of a Brown hat.

Step 4.

Pat yourself on the back for everything you learned and the new, more secure good habits you're forming as a result of your involvement thoughout October.