Identity Finder

Not sure if your computer might be harboring personally identifiable information (PII), whether it's others or your own PII, but don't know how to find and protect it? Identity Finder software lets you hunt it down and clean it up, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what PII is (or isn't) available to you, and the ability to immediately secure it.

Once installed, running periodic scans of Identity Finder not only helps prevent identity theft but also aids in keeping Brown compliant with federal and state laws by detecting and securing sensitive data on your computer, such as Social Security and credit card numbers, references to passwords, and other customizable data that you specify.

The enterprise version of Identity Finder is available to all active faculty and staff, who can download and install the full enterprise version of IDF from CIS's software catalog onto their Brown computers. Anyone (students and home users) can install a free version available from the Identity Finder website on their personal computers to perform basic search and remediation. More robust personal versions are also available from IDF's site.

Consult the document Learn About Identity Finder for more details, including instructions for use, best practices and support questions.