Use Eduroam Wireless to Get Online at Other Institutions

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Eduroam is a free, secure worldwide access service which allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to connect to the internet at other participating institutions.

Before You Travel

Because you will need to configure your laptop/mobile device the first time you use eduroam, we recommend setting this up before you travel and testing the service here at Brown. You will then be ready for quick access when connecting remotely.

To connect on most devices (Mac, PC, Android, iPhone, etc.):

  1. Visit and follow the prompts. 
  2. When presented with the choice of networks to configure, choose Eduroam (instead of Brown)
  3. When asked for your username and password, use your Brown username with appended to the end: e.g., Note that this is different than your Brown email address and is not a functioning email address. This is how another institution will know that you are from Brown.
  4. After the configuration, your computer will try to connect to Eduroam to test the configuration. If you're at Brown, you will want to switch back to the Brown network. If you're somewhere without the Eduroam network (like at home), it will fail to find the network - that's expected. 
  5. Change the order of your preferred networks so that Brown is given priority over Eduroam, otherwise you will accidentally connect to Eduroam while on Brown's campus.

Video of the setup process:

See video

When You Arrive at a Participating Institution

After setup, when you are on a campus with Eduroam, your computer will most likely connect automatically. If not, accessing eduroam will be the same as any other wireless service: choose Eduroam from your list of wireless networks.

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