Recover from a Laptop and/or Device Theft

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  1. Perform a remote wipe, if possible.
  2. If it's a Brown device: notify the Telecommunications Office immediately (, 401-863-2007).
  3. If a personal device: contact your service provider to report a lost or stolen mobile device and to suspend your service.
  4. Login and change your Brown and Gmail passwords.
  5. If any PII, contact as soon as possible.
  6. If on campus, file a police report with Public Safety. If not, file a report with the local police and notify DPS as well.
  7. If you had Computrace or similar other tracking software installed, contact the company. If software such as Lookout or Webroot, activate its tracking function.
  8. Notify credit card companies and banks.
  9. Begin to monitor your accounts.
  10. Register the information you have about the laptop/device with the National Stolen Computer Registry (

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