Television (IPTV)

IPTV allows students to watch television programming on their personal computers while plugged in with an ethernet cable in University residence halls. To watch IPTV on a TV instead of a computer, a set top box must be rented from Residential Life. IPTV offers a total of 37 channels, including international as well as domestic programming. Four of these channels are dedicated to Brown programming: campus announcements, BTV, VF1, and VF2. The last two are used to air recordings of selected campus speakers and events as well as student video works.

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This service is available to all wired (connected by Ethernet cable), registered computers in a residence hall. Students or departments who want to watch IPTV on a television set rather than on a computer must rent a set-top box from Residential Life by walking in to Grad Center E, calling 863-3502 or by email.


Watching IPTV is free but set-top box rental is $40/year.

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  • Grad Student
  • Undergraduate