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  NEW / MODIFY ACCESS (List of applications)

Request Access to Administrative Applications

Access to administrative accounts or specific business applications requires submission of a request form. Certain applications require the completion of the Protecting Brown's Information online course prior to approval. For those who have not completed the course previously may do so via LearningPoint.

Affiliates' Electronic Access

When requesting accounts for Sponsored ID affiliates - individuals who are not regular Brown faculty, students, or staff - you can request electronic services. More information and the request form is available in the Sponsored ID section of the Brown Card Office website


Paper Forms

Electronic Services Policy

Application/System Description List:

  • Request Access to: ACF2, AppsWorx, BRU, Dell Premier, Endevor, Remedy, Alternate Email Address {Student} 
  • Request Access (for all applications other than those above)  
  • Application Description
    25Live space reservation management
    ACF2 access to mainframe (CIS only)
    Advance advancement system
    AppWorx batch scheduling system
    Axiom load apps to CollegeNet
    Banner Access for Administrators student information system
    BDMS  Banner Document Management System for applications
    Brown Image Gallery images and videos of Brown
    BRU Brown mainframe system
    Cashnet legacy financials
    C-Cure card swipe
    CIS' Billing Service (Pinnacle) paying bills issued by CIS
    CIS Natural  CIS Only
    COEUS manage research proposals, grants
    Cognos information delivery and reporting
    Conflict of Interest managing and reporting on COI forms
    Database Access CIS Only
    Dell Premier create shopping carts on the corporate Dell website
    Department Identity Administrator request affiliates / manage groups for dept
    Dimensions CIS Only
    Endevor CIS Only
    Faculty Information System (FIS) manage faculty data
    FileMaker Server administer central Filemaker databases
    Financial Records (FRS) legacy (pre-Workday) financial system
    FRPORA legacy (pre-Workday)
    Google Group   
    Google Shared Mailbox 
    Graphic Services MIS System  
    Greensheets Student Contact Management
    HR/HR Archive Warehouse legacy HR system (pre-Workday)
    Human Resources (HRMS) legacy HR system (pre-Workday)
    IMC (IMC)
    Jabber license for video conferencing software
    Micros (MCR)
    Name Change
    Odyssey HMS
    Odyssey PCS/Declining Balance (PCS)
    Odyssey PCS/Dining (PCS)
    OU Delegate
    Pension (PEN)
    Purchase Requisition System / Web Req
    Red Hat Satellite
    Restricted Salary Folders
    SSL/VPN - access to Brown's server subnets
    Student Alternate Email Address
    Student Information  Archive Warehouse (Legacy SIS)
    Symantec Endpoint Encryption
    TouchNet eBill Payment Plan/Gateway
    TouchNet MarketPlace/Gateway
    Windows FTP XFER
    Workday HR and Controllers Office Only
    X25 Space and Scheduling Analysis Tool
    Zeke / Zebb