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Buying a Computer

Dell and Apple are Brown's preferred vendors for personal computers. Our guide, linked below, contains recommended and minimum requirements as well as suggested models, which can be ordered through the Brown Bookstore. Make sure your student brings all their installation disks to campus. Some software is available through Brown, including Microsoft Office (starting in 2014).
Guide: Buying a Computer

Buying a Cellular Phone

Several providers offer Brown discounts. If your student doesn't yet have a phone and would like to buy one on campus, AT&T is usually on campus during move-in week, and there is a Verizon Wireless store on Thayer Street. Most smart phones can also connect to Brown's Secure wireless network on campus. 
Guide: Buying a Cellular Phone


Students can print to campus printers from their rooms and go to the printer to release their print job. Some students bring their own printers, but many do not need one. If you are buying a printer, wireless printers do not work on the campus network, so please make sure that the printer has a way to print directly from the computer (like when connected with a USB cable).


For personally-owned computers, Brown's Bookstore Technology Center is an authorized warranty service provider for Dell and Apple computers. There is also an Apple store in the Providence Place Mall

Guest Wireless

If you're visiting campus, you can get online by connecting to the Brown-Guest network and providing your email address.

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Resources for Students

An overview of student technology services can be found in our Student Guide. A full list of IT services can be found in our Service Catalog.