Brown University is proud to support a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum, with over 2,000 courses offered every year from over 40 academic departments. Students at Brown can study environmentally-related material from any vantage point: from the "Renewable Energy Technologies" class in the Engineering department to "Wild Literature in the Urban Landscape" offered by the Center for Environmental Studies.  Sign up to subscribe to the newsletter to receive e-mail updates  about events, lectures, internships, research opportunities and more.  

Brown encourages both faculty and students to capitalize on the university’s sustainability efforts and use Campus as a Living Lab for research and learning. The university has also created a new Institute at Brown for Environment & Society (IBES), launched formally in the 2014-2015 academic year.

Undergraduate concentrations in Environmental Studies and Environmental Science are housed within IBES. These concentrations provide the breadth across environmental fields along with the disciplinary depth and practical experience needed to launch students into productive professional careers.

Graduate students are supported by IBES, which provides a venue for multi-disciplinary research and education across academic units and through a host of fellowship, research and travel funding opportunities