Market Shares

Brown Market Shares is a campus-based food distribution program that aims to protect the local farming community, widen the accessibility of local produce, and encourage a strong and active community around food.  Inspired by theCSA model, the program partners with regional farmers and producers to bring fresh, local, and sustainably-produced food to the university community. 

In addition to a standard market share, food lovers can also sign-up for dairy and egg shares.  Market Shares also provides Middle and Low Cost shares to Brown University staff and faculty--including graduate students--who qualify. You can learn more, and purchase a share, on the Brown Market Shares website.  


Anyone can sign up for the Market Shares Weekly Newsletter which sends shareholders, friends, and fans info about local food.  Newsletters include beautiful photos and yummy seasonal recipes based on what will be included in each week’s market share.  

Market Shares works in partnership with the Sustainable Food Initiative and Farm Fresh Rhode Island.