Current Projects

Kyiv School of Economics (KSE)

Economic Impact of Tuberculosis in Ukraine

a. Final Manuscript in Process: "Economic Cost of TB in Ukraine".  This manuscript is a comprehensive review of existing literature from Ukraine and descriptive analysis of TB related economic losses in Ukraine

b. Research Focus: Collection of data on tuberculosis from the regional Centers of Medical Statistics in Ukraine from 2007-2011 to characterize the differences in under-diagnosis of TB in varying urban settings. The data collection is near complete and undergoing analysis.

c. Econometric Analysis of the TB impact on Economic growth and regional productivity. 

Analysis of Mother to Child HIV Transmission in Ukraine

a. Collection of data is complete on indicators of HIV/AIDS mother to child transmission in Ukraine. Currently a cross-regional analysis of the vertical transmission is underway comparing regional indicators that accounts for differences between oblasts.

b. Econometric analysis of the HIV/AIDS Mother-to-Child transmission factors.

"Diemo Razom"

Comprehensive Assessment of Pediatric HIV and TB Infection in Ukraine

a. Manuscript written entitled, "Pediatric HIV and TB Co-infection in Ukraine: Current Situation and Knowledge Gaps".

b. The data was used to address knowledge gaps for the Brown Ukraine Symposium held in October 2012.

 An abstract was  presented at European Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases (ESPID) conference in May 2013.

L'viv Education Foundation (LEF)

TB Contact Tracing Project

a. LEF is working with Dr. Pavlo Lyhovid in L'viv and Dr. Natasha Rybak and Dr. Nickolas Zaller from Brown University on a contact tracing pilot project to gather socioeconomic data on TB patients in Ukraine.

b. The group has developed a questionnaire to interview patients with active TB to identify pediatric contacts at two TB hospitals, once municipal and one regional.

c. Four months will be spent gathering data and then data analyis will be performed.

Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU)

 The Effective Representation of AIDS/Tuberculosis and Health Issues in Ukrainian Mass Media Project 

a. March 29-– 30, 2013 workshop on "Social Journalism" by Marina Ahmedova, a popular Russian journalist.

b. Conducted a meeting among the UCU journalism students and Natalie Shure, a student in the NYU Masters program in Global Journalism.  Natalie helped raise awareness about TB among future journalists of Ukraine.  She herself contracted MDR TB while living and teaching English as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Antrocid, Luhanska Oblast in 2011. She shared her personal story and how it shaped her future career in public health journalism.

c. Brown Ukraine Collaboration has sponsored a three week visit of Natalie Shure to Ukraine. During her visit Natalie travled to Kyiv, Luhansk, Harkiv, Donetsk and Crimea, interviewing TB doctors, staff of the Red Cross, UNAIDS, other NGOs and 5 TB patients of various backgrounds. A publication on the current face of TB in Ukraine by Natallie Shure is expected in September 2013. 

Dnipropetrovsk Regional TB Training Conference, October 17-18, 2013

This upcoming conference will focus on the education of young physicians in training on the new TB management protocols and the depth of the MDR and TB-HIV co infection epidemic in Ukraine. 

Excellence in Pediatric HIV and Tuberculosis Co-infection Care in Ukraine

International Symposium held on October 11-12, 2012 with guest speakers from the US and South Africa. This was the first international conference in Ukraine to address both HIV and TB co-infection among children in Ukraine.

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