Key Brown Partners

Key Brown University Partners


Timothy P. Flanigan, MD is Professor of Medicine and Chief of Infectious Diseases at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University in Providence, RI. He is internationally recognized for his expertise in the provision of infectious disease care for substance users, including community-based DOT. He has published over one hundred-twenty papers related to infectious diseases. He has worked internationally in West Africa and Asia in the areas of HIV and TB. He has visited Ukraine three times including providing specific HIV training and assessing programs at the invitation of "The Doctors of the World" (now called Healthright), as well as the Clinton Foundation.

Boris Skurkovich, MD graduated from 2nd Moscow State Medical Institute (now Russian State Medical University). After immigrating to the United States he completed his pediatric training in Washington, D.C. and Pediatric Infectious Disease training in Boston. Currently he is a clinical professor of Pediatrics at Brown University. He also works in the community health centers in Providence, R.I. providing primary care to marginalized adolescents and young adults from 57 different countries, often addressing concerns of substance abuse and TB. He has been actively involved in ongoing projects in TB and HIV in Ukraine and has served as a consultant in Russia in the past. His interests include international health, international adoptions, and infectious diseases in children.

Natasha Rybak, MD trained in the field of Internal Medicine (Adult Medicine) and Pediatrics at Rhode Island Hospital/Hasbro Children's Hospital. After graduating from the University of New Hampshire with a major in International Affairs/Microbiology and a minor in Russian in 1999, she spent 4 years conducting HIV vaccine research at the Harvard School of Public Health. She then graduated from Brown Medical School and over the past 10 years has been actively involved in International Health with a special focus on marginalized individuals. She has worked in the field of HIV and TB research and clinical care in Botswana, Burundi, Mali, Russia and Ukraine. She lived in L'viv, Ukraine for a year as a Rotary International Exchange Student in 1993-94 and has maintained ties there since then. She has been involved in ongoing projects in HIV and TB in Ukraine, most recently in collaboration with the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation.

Charles Sherman, MD has worked for the last 20 years as a pulmonary epidemiologist, pulmonologist and critical care clinician. He also teaches at the Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University and has received numerous teaching awards for education at all training levels. He has extensive clinical research experience, both at Harvard and Brown, in the areas of asthma, COPD, tuberculosis, and tobacco use. For the past 10 years, he has worked on short-term COPD, tuberculosis and AIDS projects in Latin America, Africa, and Eurasia. He is one of the founders of Brown University's involvement in the Asante Medical Exchange Program (renamed AMPATH Consortium) and has been involved in the program for over a decade. In 2006, he served as a consultant and educator in Togliatti, Russia sponsored by the American International Health Alliance. His responsibilities included: assessing the needs of local physicians with respect to TB, TB-HIV, and opportunistic infections in HIV patients and developing a curriculum to address the educational needs using a series of lectures, x-ray sessions, and case presentations.

Nick Zaller, PhD is an infectious disease epidemiologist and has experience working on studies relating to the overlap of substance use, HIV and other infectious diseases in a variety of settings, including the United States and China. Dr. Zaller completed a National Institute of Drug Abuse research fellowship at The Miriam Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island and is currently a researcher in the Division of Infectious Diseases where he is an investigator on numerous federally funded research projects. Much of Dr. Zaller's work focuses on developing integrated models to provide comprehensive care and treatment services to individuals with or at risk for HIV and developing strategies to control and prevent the spread of blood borne and sexually transmitted infections, such as HIV and viral hepatitis.

Michael Koster, MD completed his pediatric residency as well as chief residency at Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York. After completing his infectious diseases fellowship at Hasbro Children's Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island, he remained as faculty. He provides care to inpatients both as a pediatric hospitalist and an infectious diseases consultant. He also sees patients with TB, Lyme, and other pediatric infectious diseases in the outpatient clinic. His research interests are global health, clinical virology, immunizations, and application of rapid testing to patient management and physician decision making. He is Assistant Professor at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University and is fully committed to resident education and training.

Josiah Rich, MD is Professor of Medicine and a member of the Infectious Diseases division at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University. He has worked extensively in Russia in collaboration with the American International Health Alliance (AIHA) and has also received grant funding for research in Russia through the Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF). He is director of the Center for Prison Health and Human Rights and has been asked to provide expertise and training in the area of medical care among incarcerated individuals by many national and international organizations. He is also an expert in providing combined medical care and HIV care with substance abuse treatment for individuals with opiate addiction. He has published over one hundred papers in the area of infectious diseases and substance abuse.