William Dalrymple, the acclaimed Scottish writer, historian, and critic, is the author of numerous articles and nine books, including his “East India Company” trilogy: White Mughals, The Last Mughal, and Return of a King: the Battle for Afghanistan. Before delivering the Brown-India Initiative’s O.P. Jindal Distinguished Lecture (the second of two such lectures this week), Dalrymple shared his thoughts on writing narrative history, and on whether he is a writer or a historian.

Untie the farmer

Untie the farmer:

Professor Ashutosh Varshney's latest Indian Express column addresses the rising agrarian distress. Prof. Varshney argues that India's agricultural policy has relied too much on price supports, and too little on investments in improving agricultural productivity, and enhancing links with the urban economy.  "No society has been able to help farmers by keeping them tethered to land." Read more.

(Distributed April 29, 2015)
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